Friday, June 30, 2006


It's 5:48 a.m. and Earthdog has gone downstairs to sleep on a couch with Junior.<p>
America Has Talent, or whatever the name of the Idol clone is that's hosted by Regis Philbin includes some bizzarre Circus acts and purposefully lousy singers. The other night however, a star was born. "Bianca" sang and brought the house down. Her performance was far superior to anything I've seen on Idol, ever. She sang. Boy, did she sing.

She's ELEVEN years old!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


It's 6:09 a.m. and Stephen and Junior are asleep on couches downstairs and Patrick is here with me.

Heard a rumor that Rebecca Gayheart was going to be in a TV series called "Vanished"--haven't checked it out yet--want to savour the idea a while longer, in case it's not true. Guess TPTB have forgiven her for killing that little boy... Hope it is not another crime show. Hope it's a Sci-fi show. Hope she's got a starring role. Wouldn't it be great if it was a showcase deal like Love Hewitt's Ghost Whisperer--and she was in every shot, lots of close-ups and most of the time in a low-cut nightgown?

Moose (Eddie on Frazier) died at 16 years old. A jack Russell, like Patrick. God Bless his little doggie soul!

Speculation is JK has killed off Harry Potter. Bad idea, even if she has all the money she wants and has done with writing about him. Conan Doyle tried it and failed. And gee, SH was not a CHILDRENS' BELOVED CHARACTER. How would you like it if Disney killed off Donald Duck or Cookie Monster died? Humpf! Don't be cruel, girl.

Star Jones Reynolds is the idiot we knew her to be--stupid cow. You cross BABA and you'll never work in this town again--except for the big "O". Boy did they pull her off the stage with a hook. Hell hath no fury like an aging lisping jewish journalist diva.

What's up with Jon Benet Ramsey's mom dying? I want a full blown CSI autopsy.

And now to those traitors at the New York Times who are publishing classified information--the right wing is calling them the "Terrorist Tip Sheet"--Cease and Desist!!! If this is not against the law, it ought to be--and after being asked not to! Is treason still a crime in this country? Can we stop these bastards? I wish I had a subscription, so I could cancel it--but then I probably would have cancelled it a couple of hundred times before now...

If these guys had pulled this during World War Two--they would have been dragged from their treasonous lair by a mob of torch-weiling Gold Star Moms and burned at the Stake in Times Square to the Cheers of Thousands! This country has sunken to new lows... It's like Rachel Green once said on Friends, "You know Rock Bottom?" Well I'm below it, covered in fifty feet of crap." or words to that effect.
Check the third tree, Rick.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


It's 9:03 a.m. and Patrick is on the side porch sunning himself and Stephen and Junior are probably asleep by the campfire. There is a strange pickup parked on the lane and a female's shoes in the mudroom...
more later, maybe, if time., on these topics:
Moose, NY Times, classified (Terrorist Tip Sheet), Rebecca, heartless Harry Potter, STAR

Monday, June 26, 2006


It's 8:11 a.m. and Stephen and Junior are asleep on couches downstaris and Patrick is outside.
Let's see if today is a picture upload day on blogger or not, shall we?

Sunday, June 25, 2006


It's 6:43 a.m. and Patrick is here with me. Junior is outside in his tent with Matt or Stephen or somebody, and what sounds like a couple of females. Boo-koo empty liquor bottles and uneaten hotdogs are strewn around the campfire, which still has a decent flame. I hello'd the camp and they said they were "spooning". Ah, how youth is wasted on the young! or something like that.

I ought to start charging an entry fee for "Camp Serenity"...I wonder how much a porta-pottie costs? Heh, heh.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Let's see if blogger will let us wrap this up...

Shall we quit while we're ahead? This concludes the Spring Flower Tours at the Dogyard. Coming soon Summer Flower Tours!!





Tried to post a new log, thinking I might get another picture uploaded, just got screen freeze. Reboooted browser, Let's try again. Isn't this fun?

My gosh it worked!! Let's try again. No, Rick PUBLISH FIRST.


Oh my, it worked? but WHY? Publish

Maybe we're on a roll--try again.

Well that was a good run.


Patrick has gone downstairs with Junior. It's 5:03 a.m.

Going to try to upload images to previous logs.

Attempt #128 failed.

Attempt #129 worked. Mybe we have to make all the images very small. Then what's the point?

Here's what Blogger volunteer help has to say:

All anyone here knows is that there is a sporadic problem with uploading pictures. Some people experience more than others. Some people have never really had a problem and others have been unable to upload photos at all for quite some time. I fall somewhere in the middle.
Blogger gives no REASON why ... only that it isn't system wide and that they are trying to locate and fix the problem. That hasn't happened yet and may take some time. The best way to get action is to use the report form on the page I have pointed you too ... and do it often. Explain EXACTLY what you are experiencing in as much detail as possible. Eventually perhaps they will get it figured out.

Amazing they can't fix it, eh? Or do they know the problem and it's too expensive to fix? If so, they'll start losing members and revenues will decline. We're thinking about moving if we can't figure out a work-around...

OK, we uploaded a bunch of images, from the campfire and the last of the Spring Flower Tour--no clue as to why it suddenly worked.

Friday, June 23, 2006


It's 7:24 a.m. and Patrick is downstairs with Junior. Logan is asleep in one of the tents at the fire pit and poor Stephen is slumped in a chair passed out. It's drizzling rain on him. I shouted at him and poked him with an empty fireworks cannister, but could not get him to stir an inch. Maybe the rain will wake him.

Our baby mourning dove was back out of the nest and on the ground last night, probably blown out of her nest by the 50 knot winds we had yesterday. She can fly abit, so she'll be OK

Junior and I set up our tents yesterday for shakedown for the summer. A big storm came up suddenly and blew mine down, shearing part of the seam of one of the aluminum poles. The siren went off in town and everybody was outside looking into the darkness searching for tornadoes. Just hail tho.Then it got nice again, so built a fire and sat around listening to various people play guitar, cook brats, passed the rum bottle, played car tunes and shot off big fireworks. So Patrick got his baptism under fire. He didn't like it one bit. Poor doggy. The big dogs didn't make a peep.


6-24 "Your image has been added" Oh, yeah? Well where is it?

Resized an image to 300 pixels--still no upload.

Rebooted Internet Explorer, rebooted Blogger, still no image uploaded.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Just clicked on the upload image feature, and screen freeze destroyed this morning's blog.

It's now 5:57 a.m. and Junior is still downstairs asleep, guarded by the Earthdog. It's hot.

Will try again to publish.

Three unsuccessful attempts to upload photos this morning, our limit of patienc; will try again tomorrow, maybe we'll hit that magic wondow of opportunity.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It is 5:52 a.m. and Junior is asleep downstairs on a couch and the Earthdog is outside, where it's rainy.
Guess since it's June 21st it must be the first day of SUMMER! I've still got several Spring flower images to upload, before we start the summer flower tours, but it's too early to fight blogger on that, now.
I'm still waiting for the MSM's to start airing specials on how terrible the Arabs are for beheading our POW's...(I'm not holding my breath).
They just announced on the local TV news that only 73% of Indiana high school students graduate, making the state 23rd in the nation (assuming there's no lying. Lying? that's a thing we've become accustomed to from our governments. )
This is TOTALLY UNNACCEPTABLE. Someone's head should roll, then the governator ought to hire someone who can show the teachers how to maintain discipine. You do the math...if you can.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Well, well,well, The Terrorists in Iraq have bragged that they beheaded the two U.S. soldiers they took prisoner last week.

Let's see how the Drive-by media treats this. Will there be an outcry of Horror and Anguish by the MSM? Let's just see. These sons of bitches have been wailing loud enough for months because we made some prisoners wear underwear on their heads or some such, and how we should close down Club Gitmo. Let's see what they say now.

And if they fail the test, I say, Congress should haul the heads of the Networks and the heads of their news divisions into hearings to determine weather they should be beheaded themselves on the steps of the Capitol.

Freedom of the press be damned to Traitors!!!
-Trader Rick-


It's 8:27 a.m., Junior's asleep on a couch downstairs and Patrick is here with me, asleep.

Well it seems Earthdog Patrick has learned a new trick. Or has he? Whenever I let him inside from being outside, he races to the kitchen, always bounding over the woodenfloor space betweeen the Living room carpet and the dining room carpet, as if it was a bottomless chasm, screaching to a halt at the microwave, at top of which in a jar, repose his dog cookies, which he so dearly loves.

This morning I altered the routine slightly, in that I broke his cookie in half, to conserve them as the supply is getting low. He did his normal thing of tearing back into the living room to consume it. I returned upstairs to work on the computer.

A few minutes later, up he races, all agitated, like he wants something. Well, he's just been out for an hour, his bowls are full of food and water, so what is it? He jumps into the chair with me and nuzzles me and allows me to pet him and kiss him without snarling and growling, a sure sign he is in dire want of SOMETHING. And he keeps it up, instead of going to sleep on Junior's bed.

Now, I'm not about to let him think he can get a cookie anytime he wants just by carrying on. But after a half hour of him being just too nice, I decide to chance it. I get up and he races downstairs. I follow. Will he go to the front door or the microwave? Right to the microwave. I give him half a cookie. He races into the livingroom and eats it. I go back upstairs. He comes up, and promptly jumps up on Junior's bed, circles around, digs into the covers, makes his bed and promptly zonks uot.



Blogger said image was uploaded. can you see it?

Monday, June 19, 2006


It's 9:05 a.m. and Junior is asleep downstairs and Patrick is here with me. Foggy, msty, rainy, breezy outside in the 60's. I wonder what the weather is like on Cape Cod? Or the surrounding islands?

Totally forgot what I was going to blog about this morning. Maybe it will come to me later.

It looks like blogger MAY be allowing me to upload some photos, so I'll take advantage of this little window to upload some that I wanted to post last week.

OK, didn't last long. that's all it will do.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


It's 7:39 a.m. and Junior and Stephen are asleep on couches downstairs in the living room and Earthdog Patrick is here with me, also asleep.

When I started this blog about a year ago, it was supposed to contain chronological anectodal stories about my life, but I've gotten away from that. Instead, I've been railing against the Al-democrata Party, that curiously enuff has a chosen a path back to power that disses everything good America Stands for.

However, I'm not going to do anything until I figure out how to defeat Blogger's anti-image stance. I haven't been able to upload an image in a week.

OK, I underatand it now. The photos have ato be tiny and not the ones I really want to upload. OK.



Saturday, June 17, 2006


It's 7:17 and going to be 90 degrees today. Junior is asleep on a couch downstairs in the living room. Patrick is up here with me, instead of sleeping with Junior. I don't know why. It's cooler down there. I think he wants to be close to the computer to get emails from his vacationing friend. I don't know.

The Ruckus yesterday in the Dogyard is no longer a mystery. Found a dead juvenile coon in Gunner's enclosure. The Hybrids would have consumed it with probably no trace perhaps other than the tail, but the Huskies just kill, don't eat: coons, possums and birds.. The little devil had escaped, why he returned I don't know, but it eliminates some dumb genes from the local coon gene pool. But I guess that doesn't work as evidenced by the hundreds that manage to get themselves run over while crossing on these country roads. Can you calculate the inestimable odds of getting run over on a country road that maybe sees 30 vehicles in a day on a GOOD day? They must position themselves in the tire lanes and cover themselves with road camo!

More later. Got to do the Saturday errands in town, and hunt for some plastic pink flamingoes to take camping at Geobash. Don't want to take my cast iron antique ones for fear of them getting stolen. Need to get to Wal*Mart early so as to avoid anybody from town that I know, especially ex-wives. I can never go armed to town any more for fear of killing somebody in a hate-filled crazed impulse should they speak to me in the wrong tone of voice. Have you ever been so enraged that the whole world turned blood-red? Like in a horor movie? Then you know what I mean.

The life of a hermit-sociopath is generally peaceful, but has it's pitfalls to be avoided also.

A second round of Spring Flowers at the Dogyard will bloom this week, they're getting ready. I'd really like to post some images of them if Blooger will allow. So far, it won't. Tried downsizing, that dosn't work either. Guess you just have to catach it aat the right time...

Friday, June 16, 2006


It's 8:28 a.m. and Patrick is here with me and Junior and Stephen are asleep on a couch downstairs.
Random Thoughts for today:
Junior aired up the tires and greased the chains on our mountain bikes yesterday.
The Big Dogs put up a big ruckass this morning--Barking and running around and looking up at Gunner's tree next to the chicken house. Must have been a wayward marsupial or ringtailed masked marauder--but I guess it escaped the wrath of my Siberian buddies.
Got a HUGE surpise in the mail yesterday. All wrapped up in purple paper, a FATHER'S DAY PRESENT!!!! And from Junior's mother, no less. It was a 1976 VFW Card from Sunshine City Post 6827, St. Petersburg. Complete with "Early Bird" Woody Woodpecker Rubber stamp on it. Also included was this tiny soo-vah-neer slide viewer thing , from the Maui Surf, which I assume is a hotel in Hawaii--the slide is of my Mother and Father seated at a restaurant table!! I really don't remember this thing. What a great present!!
Had a little forum fight in our local caching forum. Fellow was calling one of our fellow cachers, a guy everybody really likes becausee of his hard work in the sport,"Hitler" "communist" "dictator" and saying he hated him. Decided to call him at it in the forum, and discovered he had the mental ability of a four year old.
The sad thing is he used his status as a Desert Storm Veteran and the fact that he was raisisng his kids because their mother abandoned them to somehow give his rant credibility.That's sad. His resume' is irrelevant. I'm a vet, and I raised Junior when his mother abandoned him to me largely because the state approprated her child support because she had defrauded the welfare system, but that doesn't give me license to slander people. I feel sorry for this guy.
I honor my fellow vets, but that doesn't mean we are any better than anyone else, or have some elevated status just for having served. We can be assholes just as well as the next guy.
When I call people communists, it's because politically and economically and historically, they ARE. Not to name call. And to compare someone to Hitler becase they wouldn't break the rules to allow you to hide a geocache is just plain sick. This vet needs help.
Patrick misses Shaye already.
All of a sudden my copy and paste feature no longer works, I don't know why...Blogger still is not allowing upload of photos--everyone is affected.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


It's 5:33 a.m. and Earthdog Patrick got up, went out, had his kiss and cookie, and crawled into bed with Junior, on a couch downstairs.

I can't understand, nor can I control when Blogger states an image is uploaded and it's not, or indicates a blog is NOT published, and it is. I don't know if it's blooger's fault (my first choice) or my fault (my last choice) or the browser's fault. I never had this problem with Mozilla, so I am going to abandon IE and pay the Wireless internet bill, and get reconnected. This things going back to too many sscreen freezes and slowness. Good boy.

Somebody thought they saw an Airstream trailer in a shot of the house I posted. So I mowed, and found an old Dodge pickup truck I had forgotten about, but no trailer. Damn! I'd love to have a very small Airstream to tow to campgrounds, I think that would be great! Maybe I should save up for one? Or a tiny teardrop, that would be OK too. Could paint it to match the pickup, that would be really gay!


Every morning the birds put up a horreendous racket and this morning is no different. I love it!

Somebody gave me a magnificently made Bluebird box last weekend--left it in the bed of the truck as a surprise. I think it's homemade, but out of expensive looking wood, like you'd use for a table top, close grainaead, and very well made, altho no hinged top for cleaning access. Anyway it's so beautiful, I thought I might keep it inside. Nah, So I mounted it. Let's see if we can get our Bluebirds back next season! This place is an Oasis of trees and birds in the middle of a great expanse of bean/cornfields. The beanscame up, by the way about two weeks ago. I like the corn, everyother year, makes a fence all round. And I'm always looking for old timey ball players to emerge from it...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


It's 8:58 a.m. and Patrick, Junior and Stephen are asleep downstairs.

Just another example of a government gone astray for over fifty years now:

Got a letter from the VA yesterday telling me the files of 26.5 million veterans were stolen. duh! This two page piece of trash was sent to all of us! What a collosial, stupendous waste of money and trees? Whoever authorized this idotic lunacy should be fired, then taken out and shot, and his family made to pay the money back to the hundreth generation!! Take them all out and shoot them, bastards! That's MY money you thieves!! Raise my taxes, please! At a bare minimum of a dollar apiece that's 26 million bucks! Thanks IRS for providing my address...

Another interesting piece of mail received yesterday was the newsletter from our local county Right-To-Life group. Those are the folks who have the insane idea that mothers shouldn't murder their babies. Anyway, in 2000, Hispaniac ladies represented 12.8% of the US population of child bearing women and accounted for 20% of all abortions. The figure for African-American women was 14% and 32%. Combined 27% --52%.

ABD news was delirious last nite in Dissing KFC for having too much trans fat in their cooking oil, in a biased report re a kook-group's lawsuit against them for killing people with tras fat. Throw out the case judge, or join our list!!


Tuesday, June 13, 2006


ok, LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN. Forgot to save after every graph, and screen freeze destroyed blog. I will try to recreate. Savae.
It's about and hour ago, and Junior is asleep downstairs and Patrick is wandering around acting needy. He has food and water, he's been out and been kissed. He had his morning cookie, so I don't know what his doggy problem is.
It was just announced on the radio that one of the big city school boards announced that they just awarded a FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR contract to an out of town firm to do an assesment on projects needed to make needed repairs to esisting aging school buildings. Save.
The estimated total cost is HALF BILLION DOLLARS! This BS wouldn't fly in the business world. You could get the job done for MUCH less, altho four hundred grand is just a spit in the bucket compared to five hundred million. But in reality, use that 400 grand to fix up a school or two! Save.
Who are these dolts on the schoolboard? Certainly not businessmen grounded in reality. Probably college professors. I don't know.This only works out to about TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS per taxpayer. Sign me up! Where's my pen? Where's my check book? Save. These people all ought to be taken out and shot.
I'm trapped in a Bizzarro world I did not make.
And oh, if you were wondering? We SUPPORT torture of Mass murderer terrorists to gain information that may save childrens' lives.

Monday, June 12, 2006


It's 9:37 a.m. and Stephen and Junior and Patrick are asleep downstairs.
Libby and Junior dragged their sorry butts home yesterday afternoon, their faces painted like red indians on the war path, ending my imprisonment. Other factors that took place yesterday, make it prudent that I don't blog today, it could get ugly. Have a nice day :-D
Speaking of Passing
Tebow Wins Award, QB Controversy Still Non-Existent by Andy Staples (6-5-06)
GAINESVILLE - Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has been named the 2005 High School Quarterback of the Year by The National Quarterback Club.While this may sound as if Tebow faces induction into some sort of secret signal-calling society involving pledgemaster Bernie Kosar, 20 pounds of cold cuts and a bag of rooster feathers, fear not. The Gators’ wunderkind is just heading to our nation’s capital on July 22 to pick up an award. The club also is honoring its pro quarterback of the year (Ben Rothlisberger) and its college quarterback of the year (Vince Young). Now, before you conspiracy theorists start to think this award is another reason Tebow should supplant starter Chris Leak, consider this. Leak won the very same award in 2002. Of course, Leak started as a true freshman. So maybe that means ... Naaah. Not a chance.
BTW Rothlisberger crashed his motorcycle today and broke his face against a car. ..

Sunday, June 11, 2006


It's 11:17 a.m. and Patrick is here with me. When I got up this morning Libby's and Junior's cars were here, BLOCKING ME SO I CAN'T GET MY TRUCK OUT of the garage,,which is irritating, and they are nowhere to be found. A quick search of the grounds failed to turn up any clues or bloody bodies. It's only a few hours away from Tow-truck time. Tick-tock, people!

Friday, June 09, 2006


It's 7:49 a.m. and Patrick has ambled downstairs to sleep with Junior and Stephen.

An interesting occurrance on The View yesterday. Somehow the subject of Ann Coulter's book came up. Elizabeth, the young Survivor babe, defended Ann's position regarding the 911 wives who have made a mini-career out of their husbands' deaths. She mentioned they were being exploited or words to that effect by the"Left".

My God, I thought Baba Wahah was going to leap out of her chair and strangle the poor girl! Baba 's position , I think, is that there is no such thing as the "left". It was hard to tell because the rest of the gang was attacking poor Elizabeth like a pack of vicious wolves. Elizabeth stood her ground like a trooper, as these dried up old hags did their worst.

I wonder if Elizabeth is on the way out and knows it? Otherwise she may have just committed Career Suicide. The show has tapped the notorious lesbian What's her name, oh, Rosie, to take over Merideth Viera's chair when she goes to Today to replace Katie-Commie who's going to be an MSM anchor (NOT the first woman to do so, thank you).

Congratulations to Angelina and her wife on the baby.
Did we do our Top Ten Inventions of the Twentieth Century?
1. The Atomic Bomb
2. The Airplane
3. The Electric Light Bulb
4. The Chevrolet Corvette
5. Silicon Breast Implants
6. Motion Picture Camera/phonograph
7. Popeil's Pocket Fisherman
8. Monopoly Board Game
9. Air Conditioning
and number ten: little yellow Post-it Notes!
Tried TWICE to upload photo. oh, well It says uploaded but where is it? Frustrating.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


It's 7:59 a.m. and Patrick has drifted downstairs to sleep with Junior.
Our favorite sexy 19 year-old Trailer Trash honey, KELLIE PICKLER, who we love dearly, was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. She was great. They showed a film clip of her interviewing movie stars on the Red Carpet of the MTM movie awards show. She did a FANTASTIC JOB! She was hilarious, without going over the top with self-denigration. She really brought out the enthusiasm and humor in many of the celbrities she hugged. I told you before, give her a chance, she'll go far--If she can act, even a little, look out Reese!!!
GW came on the tube this morning to gloat over killing Al-Zarqawe. What's up with that? I could see it for Bin Ladin.
Ain't life grand?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


The Catalpa tree is in bloom...



The 500th Indiana Spirit Quest geocache is about to be published. That's quite a milestone. One I never dreamed of when I started the series two-and-a-half years ago.
Angelina and her wife Brad sold the photos of their baby Shiloh for FOURMILLION BUCKS!! (TO CHARITY). tHAT'S SURREAL ooops! People Magazine won the bidding war.
I'm going to attempt to upload the photo for the fourth time.

This keyboard sucks.
This is so brilliant I just had to copy and paste it here. This is from Gator Country's "We are the Boys" blog:

Tennessee backup QB Jim Bob Cooter was arrested early Saturday for DUI.

Why this makes me happy:

1. It reminds us all that the Tennessee roster includes a guy named Jim Bob Cooter.
2. The image of a racoon-skin cap-wearing Vol driving around Knoxville with an open bottle of moonshine.
3. Phil Fulmer again demonstrates his iron-fisted approach to discipline.

Cooter — yes, his name is actually Cooter — has been suspended indefinitely from the team.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


This asshole came on the radio hawking some state-sponsored stop smoking program. He said that nicotine was more addictive than Heroine or coke. He said if you want to stop smoking, you can't do it alone, you need help.

Wrong on all counts. To tell people that cigarettes are more addictaaaaaaaaaaaaaave than hard drugs is to do a great dis-service to our nations' war on drugs. It is criminal in its recklessness and whoever is responsible for this absurdity needs to be fired.

I smoked non-filtered Pall Malls and cigars and pipes for thirty years. I quit for a year and then started again when I mistakenly thought I could puff on a cigar once in a while in the bars.

Alcoholics can't take one drink or they're on a bender. Smokers can't smoke one cigarette or they're hooked again. And we know it. I'm not an alcoholic because I can have a few drinks every few weeks, or a few drinks every day. no problem or go for a month without a drink. But I am addicted to tobacco. I KNOW if a smoke something, I'm done for. But it's not like being addicted to Heroined, come on!!

No one with a fully functioning brain needs help to stop smoking. I am smoke free for about five years now.

Number one, to be sucessful at quitting you have to WANT to quit. That's not to say that you don't want to smoke. I want to smoke EVERY DAY. But I don't want to be amoker, so I don't.

All it takes is the genuine DESIRE to quit, the resolve to quit and the willpower not to smoke. It's simple. The technique is simple. Don't smoke. It's not easy. it takes WILL.

Weak people, with no will, can't stop. And all these products won't help them either. Not patches, hypnotism or pills or whatever they cook up.

It's just like morbid obesity. You don't need HELP to lose wieght (assuning your are healthy and have no weight related issues) You merely have to WANT to lose weight, RESOLVE to lose weight, and the WILL to lose weitght. Then, eat less and exercize-- Simple tactics. Not easy.

It makes my blood boil to hear evil lies on the radio about this stuff.


Boy I'd like to have a smoke right now...

One thing bad about the decline in smoking is that Smoking, oddly enuff, divided the population into two groups--The fun-loving, passionate, strong, wonderful group you wanted to be a part of, and they poops. You could always find a home with the smokers.

Even today, the bars are populated by smokers. It means something. One and only one, of the reasons I don't hang out in honky-tonks anymore--can't stand to be around all the smoke, and not smoke. I did teach myslef how to not smoke and still sit on a bar stool for six hours. But it's risky...

I hate liars.
I have ONE photo that will not upload to blogger. It's just like all the others. same file extension, same size . I try every day. Blogger says it's uploaded but it's not. That's a fuckin' piece of shit.



It is 8:04 a.m. and Junior and Patrick are asleep downstairs.

Don't fall for the Mark of the Beast crap, boys. It is 6-6-06--that's six-six-ought-six. Not the same.

This is the anniversaary of D-Day--will the MSM honor it? doubt it. They really don't care too much about sodiers...

Ann Coulter was on the Today show today being grilled by Matt Lauer. Don't you think it's lame when "journalists" ask people questions, then continually interrupt them and talk over them? I do.

I'm going to attempt to upload some photos. Couldn't do it last time I tried.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


It's 6:15 a.m. and Junior and Libby and Stephen and Matt and Patrick are downstairs watching a movie.
Random thoughts:

The negroes in this country spent so much time and effort into assimilating into the white schools, now they are gravitating towards "Afro-centric schools"...
I crammed as much pork product down my gullet as I could at Pam's Cafe breakfast buffet yesterday. Vegetarian's day off.

Actually heard some silly bitch on Coast-to-Coast last night talking about Mary Magdalen as if DaVinci Code was real, instead of a novel based on lhistorical inaccuracies (lies). Some people don't live in the real world!
Bippus doesn't have a park, so where are we going to hold the first annual BAGO picnic? Servia? Come on!! Wait. I just thought of something. There is a picnic table and I think grill, at one of the cemeteries north of Silver Lake. Will have to check it out.
We will need: Hot dogs, mustard, baked beans, potato salad, paper plates, plastic forks, canned pop, in a cooler, charcole and lighter fluid.

Less than three months 'til Gator football starts up again. Will this be another SEC or National Championship? or do we need one more year?
The Classic-classic horror film "Creature from the Black Lagoon" : The action took place on the Amazon River on a boat named "Rita".

Abortion is infanticide. Abortion is murder of children. How can a MOTHER kill her own child? What does an Abortion "Doctor" say at the Pearly Gates? I killed them becasue they were an inconvenience to their mothers? Is it all of a sudden "Oops, sorry, I didn't get it, Please let me in"?

Liberals the world over continue to be SHOCKED when the common(sense) people of the world don't go along with their twisted devient thinking on all sorts of issues.

This country started to go downhill when we converted to democracy and told the people they could vote themselves money from taxes ccollected from those more affluent than themselves.
enuff awready.

Friday, June 02, 2006


It's 7:47 a.m. and Junior and Patrick are asleep downstairs.

This National Spellin' Bee biznuss has us stumped. Fully 90% of the words these kids have to spell are FOREIGN WORDS. No, not derived from FOREIGN WORDS, actual FOREIGN WORDS. Are thse kids so smart that they have memorized the entire unabridged English Dictionary, so to see who is best they have to go to FOREIGN LANGUAGES? And if that's the case what is the point? The runner up girl, got five FRENCH words in a row, a language she studies. Really lucky, eh? But the GERMAN word tripped her up. The contest seemed to favor obscure proper nouns from the PERSIAN. What's up with that?. Sadly, this deal has become a joke...

Thursday, June 01, 2006


It's 7:41 a.m. and Patrick is here with me, being clingy (He may have heard some thunder), and Junior and Stephen went to Wal*Mart yesterday and haven't returned yet. Must be one hell of a Crane Game. Where will we put all the plush?

More later, maybe.

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