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(1) If I am in my house and one or more armed people
are breaking in, it is my responsibility to retreat to
the farthest corner, hope they do not find me and pray
they do not have enough brains to cut the phone lines
as they help themselves to my possessions? This is
because I should not possess a firearm and if I do and
shoot them I am violating their rights and they can
then sue me (In my case their relatives can sue me for
killing them)?

(2) If you burn down your own house and neighborhood
because Koreans bought the liquor store on the corner
and ‘disrespected’ you by demanding cash and following
you throughout the store to prevent shoplifting, I am
supposed to restore your house and neighborhood to
their former elegance?

(3) If you have sex with a diseased member of your own
gender or use his dirty needle to shoot illegal
substances into your body and pass it on to your
unsuspecting spouse and her unborn children, it is my
fault because I am a white, non-drug using,
heterosexual male?

(4) If you murder, rape, pillage and burn, the police
should not engage in ‘hot pursuit’ because somebody
might get hurt?

(5) The criminals who turned that New York prison into
a hostage situation and got put back into their cells
after suffering significant casualties among rioting
prisoners and hostages alike, were awarded millions in
compensation but the hostages and their families were
not because the prisoners had rights?

(6) If an American Indian or Native American if you
prefer, is elected to the presidency would the
military band still play ‘Hail To The Chief’ or would
that be a no-no?

(7) The prisoners in Cuba, ours not Fidel’s, are
offended along with many foreigners and liberal
members of Congress, by how their Koran was handled
and how people looked at them. But my kid can be
suspended from school for praying or openly wearing a
religious symbol?

(Cool Abortion and condoms in grade school are cool but
mentioning God in the Pledge of Allegiance is not?

(9) Jesse Jackson and fatty Murtha are great Americans
but George Bush and the old white men who wrote our
constitution are not?

(10) You can have ‘Queer eye for the straight guy’ on
the tube but if I call you a queer, you will sue me or
put me in jail for violating your rights and a ‘hate

(11) Mike Tyson raped Miss Black Teenage America
because of racism he suffered as a child?

(12) Sean Penn and Jane Fonda know more about war than
all the generals and the President?

(13) If I think Rosie is a fat slug and that is why
she had to turn to other ugly women for sex, am I
guilty of being a sexist?

(14) We should spare the rod and spoil the child to
make him a better citizen?

(15) Mexicans can burn my flag and run up their own in
the USA, because they have rights?

(16) PETA may spray paint a woman and her fur coat but
if her husband hits them it is assault and he should
be arrested?

(17) Green-Peace is in charge of all whales and seal
pups in the world and has the right to interfere in
the commerce there-of and nuclear testing by nations
around the world?

(1Cool We were attacked on 9/11 because we had treated
Israel better than those who do such things?

(19) The former leader of Iraq should not have been
executed but Bush and Blair should be shot?

(20) John Kerry and fatty Murtha are the only
legitimate war heroes we have?

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*


Now here comes Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieux (I don't care how this putrid frog spells her name--and it's not her name any more anyway) and says, on TV, "We'd have been better off if terrorists had blown up our levees." What a bag of shit!

So she joins Hillary RODHAM Clinton and the dried up movie star skank daughter of Hank's and Boxer Barb and a host of other moron bimboes infesting this country of late.

There cannot be more than a handful of senators or representatives out of 500 plus congressmen that are worthy of not being locked up for some crime or other (top on the list, TREASON)....How do I know--am I intimately aware of all these dolts' actions? No, by what they don't do.

And I hear no voices calling for a censure against Bloody Mary...

Hell, what was the name of that Hurricane? Kat...Kat.. or no, it was GEORGE?

Oh, by the way, I cruised by that IlliNOISE Senator's Presidential Committee website:

Absolutely NO MENTION of his Islamic roots--did mention the Christian Church he attends tho. LIARS!!! Liars by omission! His middle name was never stated, either. How a muslim could even be considered for the Presidency while we're fighting a global war against Islamo-fascist terrorists is beyond me...Oh, never mind, I forgot--the democrats are against this war, and against Christians and Jews.

This country has gone looney.


It is 7:07 degrees, oops don't we wish. It is 7:07 a.m. and 04.1 degrees F. Patrick is here with me in front of the space heater. It's cold. It's supposed to get up to 22 today, hopefully.

Saw the last half of an interesting piece on PBS last night about a gal traveling around the world and interacting with different apes in the wild. A couple of mountain gorillas got into a contest to see who was the best, one came up behind her and turned his back and kicked her. The other came up and body slammed her- that's when you could see members of the film crew rushing him.

It was very interesting, they were not being aggressive, just sporting.

In one segment, they visited a band of chimps, who used flat rocks to place nuts on, and then pounded the nuts with rocks to crack them. The baby chimps imitated this activity in a play manner. I guess that is a step up from making sticks to catch termites and ants with, with they also showed up close and personal. The flat rocks were numbered so somebody was studying them...

I don't know why this film crew could get so close to these groups, who for the most part ignored them. Maybe they were on preserves and the animals were used to human contact.

The point was these chimps were in a state of learning to use/make tools--I don't know how much human contact may be influencing them, tho.

I don't know who the gal was--a junior Jane Goodall except sexy. She never spoke to the camera, but narrated with a slight British Empire Accent.

I will have to google "sexy aussie chimp lady with country singer overbite" and see what I can turn up.

Poor Lorilei Golmore. First Luke dumps her, then Christopher. Must be some personality flaw that makes her impossible to live with that we can't see. Covers Hog? Writes bad checks? Or just witty repartee overload?

Today's quote:


Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It is 6:52 a.m. snowing lightly and 13.3 degrees F. and Patrick is outside.

A friend's lost dog has been found and returned safely, last nite. Praise the Lord!!

More later.

Duncan Hunter. Google it.

Today's Quote:

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling, which thinks that nothing is worth war, is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

John Stuart Mill

Monday, January 29, 2007


It is 8:25 a.m and 17.1 degrees out. Patrick is on my lap.

Some idiot theives stole a bunch of manhole covers, then took them to the Recycling place for sscrap metal money. Of course the city had reached out to them, so the crooks were arrested on the spot. Is there a Darwin award for stupid Theif Tricks?

When asked what in her background prepared her for dealing with guys like Osama Bin Ladin, Hillary Clinton said something about h aving dealt with "evil bad men" in the past in her life.. Everybody laughed, as it was obviously aa playful dig a Bill.

But I can guarantee you this was not a gaff, or off the cuff remark. It was scripted and calculated, and just waiting for the opportune moment to be used. Hillary is too sharp to make a mistake like that. This was deliberate. Why? you ask? Here's why:

Hillary has to appeal to moderates and moderate conservatives in order to win the electiion, since she has such an incredible amount of commie-fascist baggage dragging her down.

She knows she can lie her way out of that. What she can't lie about is her association with a husband who is an admitted liar and cheater with the morals of a sick alley cat. This is just a way of distancing herself from her husband's personal bankrupt morals, while still embracing the "positive" aspects of his presidency.

She is one slick lady and God Help US if she is the democrat nominee...

God Help US.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


It is 8:28 a.m. and 12.4 degrees out. For those of you in Rio Linda, that's cold! Patrick is snoozing under his afghan on the recliner.

Gators dominated Auburn last nite in Bball 91-66. Payback for Football, eh?

How could you take a network news readerette seriously with a "name" like JU-JU CHANG?

Congratulations to Jim and Nell Hamm, who will be celebrating FIFTY YEARS of marriage in a few weeks. Jim is doing well in the hospital. Nell beat off a Mountain Lion attack with a club. The lion had Jim's head in his mouth. Well done!

Now that's a wife!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007


It's 7:38 a.m. snow on the ground, 22.9 degrees F. and Patrick is under his afghan on the recliner.

Have you seen the bud light commercial awhere the guy has rubber floors and the Jack Russell goes bouncing out the door?

More later.

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Earthcaching in Indiana with Earthdog Patrick

It is 6:26 a.m. and dark, I think it snowed last nite. 24.1 degrees F. and Pastrick is still asleep in bed, the slug.

We have been critical of the President's policies in Iraq of late, but thanks to the democrats, I think our head is screwed on straight once more. Seeing all these commie-traitors like Kerry and Pelosi react to the President's speach has stregthen our resolve.

If you are conflicted on an issue, just take a look at how your enemies view it.

We are 1000% behind the President and his Iraq policies. This is the right war at the right time.

Our casualties are remarkably low for an action of this type.

We support the US' leading role on the Global War on Terrorism . Death to the rag-heads in dirty nightshirts who would destroy civilization and institute a new reign of terror and a new dark age.

Good to hear John F. Scerry is not going to make another presidential run. We really dodged a bullet on that deal!

Bush is sacrifising the republican party, but he is doing right, as he sees it. Now the turncoat republicans are going to show their true colors. Best to purge the party now, and re-grow with a new rebirth of principles: Limited Government, Individual Freedom, and America for Americans.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It's 28.1 degrees out and dark, snow predicted. Patrick is curled up in my recliner.

Big Day. More later!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


12 memorable months

Sun sports writer

Florida quarterback Chris Leak scrambles for yards in a game earlier last fall. Leak helped lead the Gators to their first SEC Championship since 2000 and the school's second national championship. [ DOUG FINGER/The Gainesville Sun ]

His beloved Patriots had lost the day before, but very little can dampen the mood of Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley these days.

Asked who would win the Super Bowl, Foley said, "The Gates (Gators)! No question. We're on a roll."

That would be the Chicago Bears, with four former Florida players on the roster to zero for the Indianapolis Colts, who are quarterbacked by Peyton Manning. Considering his record in college against UF, Manning must be feeling cold shivers down his back at the thought of facing a bunch of Gators.

The last 12 months have been incredible, almost unbelievable, for the University of Florida athletic teams as well as its celebrated alumni. While the Gator Nation bends to smell the flowers, we give you 365 days to remember, a year unparalleled in college sports history.

Feb. 1, 2006

Urban Meyer's second signing class is official and is ranked either first or second in the country; Florida men's tennis team earns No. 1 ranking.


Feb. 10, 2006

— The Florida baseball team opens the season ranked No. 1 in two polls.



March 5, 2006

Florida basketball team wins in Lexington making it four straight over Kentucky; Ex-Gator Camilo Villegas finishes second to Tiger Woods at Doral and becomes an instant celebrity.

March 12, 2006

Florida beats South Carolina 49-47 to win its second straight SEC Tournament title.

March 18, 2006

Florida basketball team throttles University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 82-60 to advance to the Sweet 16 for the first time in six years.

March 26, 2006

Florida beats Villanova 75-62 to reach its third-ever Final Four.

April 1, 2006

Florida beats George Mason to advance to its second national title game under Billy Donovan.

April 3, 2006

Florida defeats UCLA 73-57 to win the school's first basketball title.

April 7, 2006

— At Florida's national title celebration in the O'Connell Center, Joakim Noah announces, "Let it be done then. We back, baby!" All three potential first-round draft picks on the UF hoops team will return for another season.

April 23, 2006

Florida's women's tennis team wins its fifth straight SEC tournament and 15th overall.

May 14, 2006

UF golfer Matt Every is named the winner of the Ben Hogan Award, which goes to college golf's player of the year. He's the first Gator to receive the award.

May 16, 2006

— Emmitt Smith becomes the seventh UF player or coach to be voted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

June 5, 2006

— Incoming UF freshman Tim Tebow is named the National High School Quarterback of the Year.


June 20, 2006

— Former Gators Udonis Haslem and Jason Williams help Miami win the NBA title with a 95-92 win over Dallas in Game Six.


July 23, 2006

— Former Gator Chris DiMarco finishes second to Tiger Woods in the British Open, wrapping up a Ryder Cup slot for DiMarco.

Aug. 10, 2006

— The Sun reports that Florida is the only SEC school to have all of its football recruits qualify academically.

Sept. 27, 2006

— The NCAA releases a report that shows seven Florida sports achieved 100 percent graduation rates.

Sept. 30, 2006

Florida reveals its Ring of Honor which has four members — Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel, Emmitt Smith and Jack Youngblood. Florida beats Alabama after the Ring is revealed.

Oct. 27, 2006

— Former Gator David Eckstein is named World Series MVP after the St. Louis Cardinals win the series; Florida women's soccer wins its first SEC crown.

Oct. 28, 2006

Florida beats Georgia for the 15th time in 17 tries.

Nov. 4, 2006

— Florida beats Vanderbilt and, coupled with Tennessee's loss to LSU later that night, the Gators are SEC East champions.

Nov. 12, 2006

UF women's soccer team reaches the sweet 16; UF volleyball team wins its 16th straight SEC title.

Nov. 15, 2006

— Emmitt Smith wins "Dancing with the Stars."

Nov. 25, 2006

Florida beats Florida State for the third straight time and second straight in Tallahassee.

Nov. 28, 2006

Florida's Angie McGinnis is named the SEC player of the year in volleyball.

Dec. 2, 2006

Florida beats Arkansas 38-28 in Atlanta to win the school's seventh SEC title and first since 2000.


Dec. 23, 2006

— In a much-anticipated matchup, Florida hammers Ohio State 86-60 in the O'Connell Center.

Jan. 8, 2007

Florida beats Ohio State 41-14 to win the school's second national championship in football, as UF becomes the first school to hold both the football and basketball titles.

Jan. 15, 2007

Florida's basketball team regains the No. 1 ranking in the polls; UF gymnastics is also ranked No. 1 in the nation.

Jan. 22, 2007

— Rex Grossman becomes the first UF quarterback to lead his team to the Super Bowl. He is joined by Bears' teammates Alex Brown, Ian Scott and Todd Johnson, all former Gators.

Contact Pat Dooley at 374-5053 or



It is 7:24 a.m. and dark out at 28.1 degrees. Patrick is still in bed, probably tuckered out from his elevator rides yesterday.

I just saw Boras Osama Sambo Bama-Rama , darling Muslim Black Senator from Illinoise on TV and had a revelation:

He has a fatal flaw, that if he doesn't fix, will preclude him from being elected president by the morons that do that sort of thing.

HIS EARS STICK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, we're safe

Monday, January 22, 2007


There is a Wisconsin doormat company that won't ship their products to our soldiers in Iraq, because they hate America. Here's the url of Cathy's blog, or you can access it at the Lone Rangers Blog listed at the right:

Apparently their website is down, probably due to hate mail... which is a good thing. Gosh wouldn't it be a shme if they went out of business, ate shit and died?





This is Loki

This is Loki and Bandit

Loki and Bandit in their Domain

Loki is a female Wolf Hybrid who lives here at the Dogyard with Bandit, a rescued AKC male Siberian Husky.

Her real name is RikSu's Wild Child Lokita (So named by Junior) and she was bred by us here at the Dogyard and whelped in Wabash, Indiana on Jan. 8, 1998. She is 36.40 % Wolf-- Canus Lupus Occidentalis/ Arctos. Her sire belonged to me, Lakota's Biggest Boy Kunu. Kunu was 26.12 % and a very smart and affectionate dog, that we raised from a pup. I saw Kunu's sire, Naeoma, who was a friendly 52.23 % and his dam who was an AKC Alaskan Malamute. Naeoma's sire was known to me also, and he was what we call a 98 per center, and looked every inch of it. He was black.

Loki's mom was Naketa's Swift Wind , a shy 46.67 % Occidentalis/ Lycaon, who belonged to a friend of ours. Loki was pick of the litter, as Stud fee.

Loki and her litter-mates were registered with the National Wolf Hybrid Association.

We had her fixed as she has blue eyes (They should be amber) and what we call a "wooley", that is very long haired, coat. So she doesn't fit anybody's standard, but she is truly unique. I think her mom must have had some husky in her for the eyes, and maybe Collie for the coat. (Early breeders liked to put a pinch of Collie in the mix). Loki has a habit of keeping her ears back, and I don't know why--it's not a fear or agression deal with her, so I don't know why she does it.

But she is a very sweet and adorable, friendly girl and we love her. Bandit, a striking Siberian, is her companion . She outweighs Bandit by about 25 lbs. or so, so she can body slam him away from his food dish, and he lets her, I think because he loves her...


Patrick's been going to school...

It is 3:27 p.m. and sunny and cold out with 4 inches of snow on the ground, 30 degrees. Big dogs are LOVIN' it.

Patrick had a ball this morning riding up and down on lifts in the Kota in various garages. More on that later, I'm too steamed right now...

I'm a little confused as to why Osama Hussein BamadamaSambo is so attractive to the sheeples who call themselves democrats. I wish somebody could tell me the logic there. He's pretty scary to me. I almost think I'd rather have a know commodity like Hillary. Hard core commie.

Anyway more later. Maybe. Maybe not.

Don't you hate people who are lying sacks of shit? I do. I just saw a segment on TV about a place called "Howling Acres Wolf Sanctuary". The lady was telling all about their thirty "wolves". Well I saw one wolf, an old blind fellah, and another who was probably full blooded, but the rest were obviously hybrids, and not high percentage either. Some almost looked like AKC Malamutes. If you've every seen a wild wolf, 100%, there's no way you will ever confuse it with a Malamute, the dog breed that most closely resembles wolves phenotypically (sp.?) and genotypically (sp.?). Wolves don't look, move , or act like dogs. Maybe one raised on a bottle to a certain degree. But their movements are different. Wolf tracks, in terms of paw placement are different from those of dogs.

Anyway these were clearly wolf hybrids. Maybe their pure wolves were hiding from the cameras? That would be typical of wolf behavior, they are shy in captivity. Maybe these people were getting state money? Liars.

We once drove about a hundred miles into Ohio to rescue a hybrid--turned out to be a black lab with hip dysplacia (What the f?). People are such liars. Another time I went to see a "Hybrid" who had a litter, the momma displayed NO characteristics of a wolf whatsover. If she was a hybrid, which I doubt, and she had no papers, it would be way less than 10%. I Know whereof I speak. I think the final story we got out of these jerks, was that "somebody" once said she "looked" like a wolf. Well, she didn't. But some unscrupulous assholes try to fool the public to make money. Auto Mechanics do the same, if they think you are clueless.

Let the buyer Beware!!!

Have a nice day.

PS I think I will go out and take a photo of Loki, my lone remaining Hybrid so you can see her. Later.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I told Rex Grossman at the 2:00 warning in the third quarter when it was 1st and 10: You throw three passes, and by God you better get a first down, or your ass will be on wood the rest of this game, and I'll bring in the 2nd string QB!

Well, he must have listened, becasue he threw three passes and EACH ONE was a first down!! That was the beginning of the end for New Orleans.

Then when the game got to 39-14, I thought, hey get a safety and it's OH MY! 41-14 (Glulp)

Then I'm thinking, this is wierd, if that happens am I dead and I went to heaven?

Then I'm thinking, wait, and I looked around, and I expected heaven to be just a bit better than this.

Anyway Gators 2006:


Go Colts! I wanat a Grossman-Manning Matachup in guess where? Miami FLORIDA!!!!!


Earthcaching in a Peat Bog in Michigan

Junior and I at the source of the Eel River

It is 9:05 a.m. and Patrick is under his afghan on the recliner. It is 25 degrees out, snowing lightly and blowing pretty good, with about three inches accumulation. Visibility about 150 yards.

Tramped around in the woods in Michigan yesterday, snow on the ground. Now this morning we have it! Met my brother, a Canadian, in Coldwater Michigan yesterday for some Mexican Beer--he was mad at a post of mine dissing Canada for not being with us in Iraq. He said there were Canadians in Afghanistan. So My apologies to Canada!! Sorry, Wulf.

P.S. There was a Buckeye in the Bar, replete with OSU T-shirt. He spotted my Gator Jacket. Chatted and comiserated with him awhile. He was HUMBLE. That is all.


Saturday, January 20, 2007


It is 6:20 a.m. and Patrick got up and went back to sleep with Junior and Dukie. DArk out. Still in the Fort.

Going to Michigan in ten minutes, more later. TTYL

Friday, January 19, 2007


Look out for this guy!!!!!

It is 5:47 a.m. and Patrick is sleeping with Junior.

Still in the Fort. Will keep you posted. They saved the axel! What? more pics? Let me see...

Thursday, January 18, 2007


bORROWED THIS IMAGE FROM lone ranger's blog iMPORTANT THINGS OR nOT, HERE ON bLOGGER--oOPS :caps lock button never works for me--link to LR at right. What a hoot! Couldn't resist!! Smoke if you got 'em!!


2006 Ohio State football highlights DVD

From the opening victory against Northern Illinois to the thriller over Michigan, relive all of the incredible action from Ohio State's perfect 2006 regular season.

Watch the magic unfold as the unbelievable Buckeyes capture the school's first outright Big Ten title in 22 years and earn a berth in the national-championship game.

March with a member of the Best Damn Band in The Land and feel what it's like to dot the "i" in "Script Ohio."

Sept. 2 vs. Northern Illinois

Sept. 9 at Texas

Sept. 16 vs. Cincinnati

Sept. 23 vs. Penn State

Sept. 30 at Iowa

Oct. 7 vs. Bowling Green

Oct. 14 at Michigan State

Oct. 21 vs. Indiana

Oct. 28 vs. Minnesota

Nov. 4 at Illinois

Nov. 11 at Northwestern

Nov. 18 vs. Michigan

This production is available in DVD only. For only $19.95, plus shipping and handling, you can add the 2006 OSU football season highlights DVD to your Ohio State library. Shipping and handling is a flat rate of $7.50 for up to five DVDs in the same order and shipped to the same address. Sales tax will be charged on orders shipped to Ohio addresses.


Wilson switches commitment to UF


Alligator Writer

The Gators have reaped their first post-championship recruiting reward as guard James Wilson has switched his commitment from Southern Cal to UF.

The 6-foot-5, 305-pound Ponte Vedra Beach Nease product is ranked the No. 2 guard in the 2007 class by

In the end, playing close to home was the deciding factor for Wilson, a teammate of current UF quarterback Tim Tebow for three years at Nease.

"(Wilson) said he committed to Florida on Monday and told the USC coaches (Thursday),"'s Jamie Newberg said. "I guess he realized while he was in Texas for the All-American week that L.A. is pretty far."

Verbal commitments are non-binding until National Signing Day on Feb. 7.


Greetings from the Fort! Broke something big time in the front of the truck, so stranded, with Junior. It is 6:12 a.m. and Patrick is sleeping on the couch with any available human that is not me.

Oh, boy. Taking the Kota to the Dodge Garage today, hope it's not totaled (wouldn't take much). Praise the Lord!. Forgot my train of thought. Blood pressure high due to truck worries. Need to go to hooters today to discharge some pent up steam, heh heh. More later.

On Junior's computer, so let's surf for a photo!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It is 5:33 a.m. and 21.8 degrres F. out and dark. I got Patrick up, but he craawled back under the covers.

Big day today. later.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007



For the first time in history, one school won the NCAA football and basketball title in the same calendar year. Following the basketball team's success in April, Florida's football team completed the double with an impressive 41-14 rout of previously top-ranked Ohio State.

The Gators' comprehensive dismantling of the Buckeyes left no doubt as to who should be the consensus national champion. Boise State was the only undefeated team in the nation after Ohio State's loss, but the Broncos will get as far as only the top five in both the AP and coaches polls.

Florida's blowout victory, though, won't stifle the debate about the BCS. First of all, had USC not slip up against UCLA in its final regular-season game, the Gators wouldn't even have had the chance to play in the BCS title game. And judging by the outcome of the Rose Bowl and Monday night's game, a USC-Florida title game would seem to produce an epic, but that'll only be left to imagination.

That brings us to our final point: The Big Ten turned out to be a monumental fraud. Its two best teams got destroyed in the postseason by two speedy and athletic teams. It went 2-5 in bowl games, including a record-setting collapse that got Minnesota's Glen Mason fired. The only thing more fraudulent this season was Notre Dame, but what else is new?

The Guru's final top 10 for the 2006 season:


USA TODAY/ESPN men's basketball coaches' poll

Jan. 15, 2007

School (first-place votes)
Last week's rank
Florida (23)
UCLA (6)
15 (tie)
15 (tie)

Dropped out: No. 21 West Virginia, No. 22 Connecticut, No. 24 Washington.

Others receiving votes: Connecticut (13-3) 62; Kentucky (14-3) 43; West Virginia (13-3) 37; Marquette (15-4) 31; Syracuse (14-4) 14; UNLV (15-4) 13; Boston College (12-4) 10; Indiana (12-4) 10; Southern California (13-5) 9; New Mexico State (14-3) 8; Georgia Tech (13-4) 7; Stanford (11-4) 6; Arkansas (12-5) 5; Creighton (11-5) 5; Southern Illinois (13-4) 5; Michigan State (15-4) 4; Missouri State (13-4) 4; Northern Iowa (13-4) 3; Georgetown (11-5) 2; Washington (11-6) 2; Virginia Commonwealth (14-3) 1.

The USA TODAY/ESPN Board of Coaches is made up of 31 head coaches at Division I institutions. All are members of the National Association of Basketball Coaches. The board for the 2006-07 season: Mike Adras, Northern Arizona, Dana Altman, Creighton, Tevester Anderson, Jackson State, Ronnie Arrow, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Eddie Biedenbach, North Carolina-Asheville, Jim Boeheim, Syracuse, Matt Brady, Marist, Rick Byrd, Belmont, Charlie Coles, Miami (Ohio), Dick Davey, Santa Clara, Steve Fisher, San Diego State, Pat Flannery, Bucknell, Tim Floyd, Southern California, Greg Graham, Boise State, Tom Green, Fairleigh Dickinson, Johnny Jones, North Texas, Jim Larranaga, George Mason, Bob McKillop, Davidson, Phil Martelli, Saint Joseph’s, Ron “Fang” Mitchell, Coppin State, Dave Odom, South Carolina, Matt Painter, Purdue, Doc Sadler, Nebraska, Joe Scott, Princeton, Jimmy Tillette, Samford, Bob Thomason, Pacific, Perry Watson, Detroit Mercy, Gary Williams, Maryland, Doug Wojcik, Tulsa, Ted Woodward, Maine, Rich Zvosec, Missouri-Kansas City.


It is 6:05 a.m. and 27.2 degrees out and Earthdog is still in bed.

The big city north of us has the three network affiliates. A while back, the ABC station bought out the NBC station, fired all the talent and crew, save one anchor gal--so they now have basically one local news operation, but a somewhat different local news broadcast, incorporating that leftover gal and sharing other on air talent--at least that's the way it started out--now they are more diverse--anyway--yesterday the holdover girl broadcast a video feed from both networks about a kidnapping story--just to see how they differed. Big deal. Wish they'd do that with coverage of GW or the war news or something...side by side. Might be enlightening. Last time I checked, GATORS WERE STILL NATIONAL CHAMPS IN BOTH BASKETBALL AND FOOTBALL!!!!

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