Sunday, October 30, 2005


iT'S 7:26 and Patrick and Junor are playing like good boys.

Well , my beloved Number 18 Gators beat a Number Four Georgia team in football yesterday at the world's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jax.. Florida was a six point favorite, which is absurd , but based on Georgia's quarterback not playing, and the back up hasn't taken a snap since high school or somethng like that. Some forecasters picked the Bulldogs. Anyway, the Offense played magnificently in the first quarter against one of the best D's in the country., with two quick touchdowns, then folded up their tents and went home. Leak, however did great , completing 15 out of 20 passes. For four quarters the offensive line protected Leak, but they always had somebody in the backfield to hold his hand, so maybe Coach Meyer fixed that problem. The only time he was even hurrried was a sack when he was alone back there and they of course blitzed. Leak gave up his bewildered foggy stare that he's sported for the last month for a silly grin. I don't know what they had him on, but it worked. The D stopped Georgia every time it had to, pretty near. The final score was 14 to ten, so we didn't make the spread, but a win is a win, and four weeks from now nobody will remember the score or the stats. So now we've got Vandy, USC and the girls left... Gators are 6-2. Meyer is the first Florida coach to beat two top 15 opponents in his first year... Poor Ronnie lost again, his sixth in a row, hasn't won a conference game yet. Bet the AD of Illinois is having second thoughts, eh? The Zookster is 2-6. Don't know how Stevie-boy did, maybe they had a bye week--he was at 4-3 or something, I think. We get them at Columbia. Then a two week get-ready for the sisters in the Swamp, and if somebody else beats Georgia, maybe a trip to Atlanta...All in all a good week for the boys from Old Florida.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


It's 5:46 a.m. and 39 degrees out and Patrick's outside.

Patrick and I know where there are many secret waterfalls, ranging in size from 3 inches to 30 feet. We occasinally find new ones on our little journeys.Our stretch of the The Wabash River (Huntington, Indiana to Peru) has high Limestone banks in many areas, and literally hundreds of both permanent and seasonal creeks at the bottom of deep ravines flowing into it. When these tributaries encounter limestone, a receding waterfall is created. Patrick and I have actually hiked along the riverbank, walking up and down these ravines in search of new ones. Some are little more than a downhill cascade over rocks, others are fairly spectaaaaaaacular falls with overhanging lips, tunnels cut through the rock and beautiful pools. They are especially neat in winter when they freeze. Frozen waterfalls are one of nature's real treats. I've documented a number of waterfalls by placing geocaches near them. So if you want to know where they are and how to get to them, I'm your man. Carthage must be destroyed!!

Our troop casualty count in Iraq has now reached 2,000, a spectacularly low count considering the mission. God bless their souls. We continue to pray for the safety of our brave troops fighting this modern crusade against the Godless Zombie- maniac vicious barbarians, minions of the Devil who are trying to bring civilization to its knees. No one in history has ever fought an army of demons the likes of this! Death to the Infidels!!


Tuesday, October 25, 2005


It's 7:45 a.m. and Patrick's in bed with Junior.

The high speed didn't work yesterday , We still haven't figured out why, some problem with our browser, really missed it, had to use dial-up; we are now really spoiled by our wireless internet...

There are roughly three groups in our society: the givers (rich, pay taxes), the takers (poor, get government bennies) and the vast in between folks who do both. On a scale from one to a hundred, at one we have the poor black urban ghetto welfare people, at a hundred we have the billionaires, and at 50 we have those who pay out in tax as much as they receive in largess. Our leaders, 95% of whom are nearer the 100 end, have alligned themselves thusly: Rupublicans, givers; Democrats, takers; Libertarians--aware of what's going on and don't like it, givers, but powerless, and carry stupid baggage that will ensure they never are sucessful.

The fight is over control of the in-betweeners. The extreme givers know they're being taken, the extreme takers know they'v got it made and feel entitled, the vast in-betweeners haven't a clue. The only taxes they are made aware of is sales taxes. Payroll taxes, social security and medicare are hidden as are property taxes (rolled up in mortages) , gasoline tax is part of the purchase price and on and on. If they did know the extent to which the fruit of their labors was being extracted from them, and what it was going for, they would rise up and smash the leaders of the takers with a force so mighty mountains would crumble. But alas, they're ignorant, and stupid as well. The takers devised this wonderful concept of PAYROLE WITHHOLDING so that the givers don't even realize they are giving , and thru the evil genius of Refund checks are bribed into a stupifying slumber. Oh, awake ye slaves to the new plantation!!

It has long been my opinion that if factory workers were paid in cash at a card table with the paymaster counting out their money to them in their hand,
and then had to wait in line at another table to pay income tax, then another for medicare, then another for their health insurance, then another and another, and then they saw what they had left, there would be a revolt against our welfare state and a revolt against Big Governement and a revolt against building bridges to Nowhere in Alaska and a revolt against the Democrat Communist party. If this redistribution of wealth scheme could ever be made known to them, the would all gag on their little checks, mob rule would ensue and this governement by the takers, for the takers and of the takers would cease to exist. And the Republicans are no better, they play along--just at a slower pace. And at that card table each week, the tax collector could make the taxpayer decide where his money was going--even IF he was going to pay:

"Well, let's see, Smith--You owes us twenty bucks for the Army and ten bucks for the highways, those two are
mandatory, hand it over. Now, they want to build a bridge to an island in Alaska where 50 eskimos live, so they won't have to take the Ferry--We need about twenty million for that-- your share is 37 cents--you want in? No, OK, then. Next item...."Hurricanae Katrina is a buck, OK thanks!, now ---A three thousand dollar debit card for New Orleans homeless--your cut is forty two cents--No? didn't think so, OK, now, saving the hopping green snow toad's habitat in the Sonoran Desert, that three dollars, ah comon'! No, well if you say so,.... Now, a buck for a new fire truck in your town, Thank you very much...Nw this is mandatory, but it's a choice: Five bucks you gotta pay, you want it to go to the National Endowment to the Arts, that's elephants pouring paint on the floor, or Body armour and night vision goggles for the troops--OK, Body armour it is...."



Monday, October 24, 2005


It's 3:16 P.M., Junior's at work and Patrick's on my lap doing what he does best, snoozin'.

Yesterday while watching Peyton and the Colts annihilate their latest victim of the week, while channel surfing during TV time-outs, I caught a part of a show about a girls' figure stating contest of some sort. Now I got interested when a few of these gals were skating--one was a New Jersey American who is a teenager and everybody says she's the new "IT" girl in figure skating. Trouble is, she's butt-ugly. Maybe she'll grow out of it like Chelsea did... Anyway, ever since I found out I'm a third generation One -half Russian guy, I've had this predisposition toward beautiful Seventeen year old blond Russian girls named Maria who are ranked Number one in the world in Womens' Pro Tennis. Anyway, out comes this Moscow lovely, 25 years old, blond bombshell skater gal, all smiley and cute as hell. Well, the male commentator couldn't get enough of telling us how bad each move she made was, and what a poor routine she was doing, and his snooty bitch partner agreed with everything he said. So at the end of this horrible disaster, and how would we know one way or the other, we're not experts, we do know they're not supposed to stumble around or fall on their arses, at the end he says authoritatively , words to the effect that the routine was not near good enuff to propel her into first place ahead of the Ugly American. He pressed his sidekick but couldn't get a commitment out of her one way or the other, just bullshit, but relentless, he browbeat the little color commentator-interviewer-sidelines gal, who refused to confirm his prediction, and stood her ground, good for her. This guy was pissed. Then came the announcement of her score. It was a personal best for her, and she took the lead from the American!! This guy didn't have a freakin' thing to say, and I went back to the colts. Now I'm as Pro-American as anyone on the planet, but when it comes to an ugly chick and a cute one, I know which way to vote. And this Simon Cole wanna-be can go to hell! That's what I think.


Sunday, October 23, 2005


It is 11:22 a.m. Cloudy out and cool, Patrick's in Bed with Junior after we watched dvd The Girl Next Door, OK with beautiful actress.

Wentwith Earthdog to Pokagon State Park yesterday and cached with Rupert2, Hit&Run, and Bluegillfisherman, and look in Rupert2 and Team Shydog and Bluegills' geocoin albums. Have decided to get a letter punch set and make our own brass geowashers...Hmmm....


Friday, October 21, 2005


It's 7:03 a.m. and Junior, Patrick and I are watching a dvd called Half Korean Guy and Indian Guy visit White Castle and it really stinks. It's geared to the 11-13 year old crowd.

But it did make me crave a White Castle. I think the nearest one is in Anderson. Oh, well....I was once upon a time night manager of a Krystle, the southerrn version of White Castle, and one night a guy ate 26 of them. Sort of like Checkers is the southern version of Rally's. Why do they have those divisions? When I was at the University of Florida, Col. Sanders used to walk up and down the sidelines in his white suit, not a mascot, the real guy. He wasn't a real Colonel, just a Kentucky Colonel. So it goes.


Thursday, October 20, 2005


It's 8:27, about 44 degrees out, rainy and Patrick Jumped back into bed with Junior. Random Thoughts:

Junior and I watched the dvd Sin City with Bruce Willis. It was good, but two hours of the black and white and one other color effect was trying.

Took a long walk in the woods yesterday with Patrick the Earthdog to do some geocache maintenance and drop off some travel bugs. The Salamonie River is high, I thought it would be low this time of year. There's another 'cane heading for Florida, but the MSN doesn't seem to be giving it the airtime that it did Rita and Katrina. Lost was dissapointing last night. Did we learn anything new? Is Kate dating the little Rock God? That's weird.

This asian Avian flu that the MSM is hyping, that's now spread to Europe: It seems everybody that's got it so far, has gotten it directly from birds. It hasn't mutated enough to become contageous among humans. The 1918 "Spanish Flu" pandemic, also a bird flu, killed an estimated 30 to 50 MILLION people world wide , more than the Black Plague of the 1300's.(Not corrected for population growth) There's a vaccination for Bubonic plague, I wonder if mine is still good? If this present bird flu mutates and gets us, will we be abale to manufacture enough vaccine that will work? Bush is working on it, I hope there's enough time. The Spanish Flu killed within HOURS of contact in some cases, by suffocation. Oh, well.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


It's 6:06 and Patrick and Junior are watching a DVD, "The Replacements".

Here is a rant I wrote in a forum yesterday about Paranoia:

Self-governing free populations have always been fearful or "paranoid" of uniformed authority that they have no control over. This fear reaches as far back as the Roman Republic, when triumphant Generals returning from war could enter Rome, but not at the head of their armies. It was Julius Caesar who broke with this law, Crossed the Rubicon with his army and ended Civilian control and founded the Roman Empire.

That is why we have a second amendment to our constitution, so we have the ability, if need be, to overthrow a government that becomes tyrannical, by force of arms. That's exasctly what our founding fathers did. That's why our police forces, municipal and county, are generally headed by local elected officials.

In the last few decades of the last century, our national police forces, FBI and BATF, for example, began taking on the trappings and equipment of a military force, and began killing civilians and this gave rise to the organization and training of civilian militia groups. Somebody in government was wise enough to reign these roque FBI and BATF leaders in. In recent years, the Border Patrol and the Immigration Service have wielded powers that scare some Americans. And since 9-11, the scale has tipped in favor of reduced freedoms for the civilian population, whether neccesssary or not, at the hands of uniformed and armed entities, and many Americans are watching this trend with concern.

Our national Armed Forces are under the authority of elected Civilian Authority, the President. And our state National guards are under the authority of elected state Governors.

Americans trust their local cops and deputy sheriffs, because these forces are comprised of their friends and neighbors, and they can remove their local sheriff by the electoral process should he displease them. But state cops, national cops, federal game wardens, anybody with a uniform that we don't know and can't vote out of office, we are leary of, whether the danger from them is real or imagined.
Paranoia? Maybe. But Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.
That , and most Americans don't like somebody telling them what to do, who isn't paying them to do it, other than of course, their wives and teenage children.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


It's 6:32 a.m. and Patrick's crawled into bed with Junior.

There is a Phenomenon that occurs in my life with some regularity. I wish I knew the name for it. It's when, like this: You hear a new word, one that you're sure you've never heard or seen before--all of a sudden it pops uup again and again--now I'm not talking about buzz words that rapidly gain popularity in the MSM. Anyway, the other day I bought a book called "They Marched into the Sunshine" for a buck at a flea market. It's about one month--October 1967--about the peace riots at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and a couple of companies in a battle in Viet Nam. Last night on PBS, they were airing a documentary based on the book. Now I have to read the book right away. It's not a new book. In the next few days, a will see or hear another reference to the book or the events depicted in it.

So it goes.


Monday, October 17, 2005


It's 6:53 a.m. foggy out, cool, and Patrick went back to bed with Junor.

Junior and I began to watch the Wesley Snipes "Blade" trilogy on DVD, so I can provide a review for you. I fell asleep half way thru the first movie, but so far it's OK, has good effects, but no pretty white girls...

Speaking of pretty white girls, Angelina Jolie is still on top of our list of Prettiest/Sexiest Hollywood Actresses. She withstood a blistering attack last week by Heidi Mueller for the top spot (Heidie's bangs are growing longer), but being the trooper she is, she hung in there. Actually it was no contest. Angie has an other-world beauty that is incomparable. Actually the list should probably be called "Top Ten Hollywood Actresses That Are Almost As Beautiful As Angelina Jolie, But Not Quite."

Went to the Grocery the other day and made the following observation: An astounding SIX out of ten woman there were grotesquely obese. Another TWO were chubby/overweight. Only TWO fell into the normal range. This study encompassed all age ranges from c. 13 years to c.80 years. Next week's study will involve womens' bad hairdos. So Long!!


Saturday, October 15, 2005


It's 6:35 p.m., Patrick and I just finished watching LSU defeat the Gators in Baton Rouge 21-17. All 17 points were scored because of turnovers. Notre Dame just beat USC by 3 points with SC at the 1 yard line. No wait, they put 7 seconds back on the clock. SC sneaks it in with 3 seconds left, so they win by 4 points! Geesh! Earlier Michigan won with a TD with zero seconds left over Penn State. So it goes.

So the Gators fall to 5-2, and have two weeks to prep for Georgia. If Meyer doesn't strip Leak of his starting position, and open it up, he's a fool. And doesn't UF have a back up QB? Leak played in every offensive play. If I see this guy on national television ONE MORE TIME with that stupid deer caught in the headlights look in his face as he looks over the defense, my head will explode! And Meyer's got some explaining to do as to why he did not let Portis or SOMEBODY, ANYBODY go in for Leak.


Friday, October 14, 2005


It's 5:22 a.m. Patrick's still asleep.

Visited the grave of a Revolutionary War Soldier yesterday--His grave is now unmarked, his tombstone, which does not mention his service, that I can read, is broken and leaning face down against a tree in an old rural cemetery in Miami County, Indiana. It's a shame we can't honour the memory of these men more than that--These men who spent their blood and treasure to create this great republic that explored the Moon, that flourished for two hundred years, the crowning achievement of human civilization, then faded away into oblivion, slowly squandered away by a few generations that lost their way ...The Greeks, the Romans, The Americans...

So it goes. Sic Gloria Mundit.


Thursday, October 13, 2005


It's 6:58, Patrick went back to bed with Junior.

The SHADOW and I had to delete six found logs on some of his geocaches, where the lady hadn't signed the logsheet. Alerted by a fellow cacher he inspected 12 caches that she and her partner had both claimed smilies on, and on six of them , niether had signed the log. Usually a cacher will note in his log that he didn't sign and why, and is forgiven, but not in these cases. When notified of this condition prior to deleting the logs, she wrote us several nasty emails, citing several excuses. She ranted about her child having an allergy to peanuts that she said was called, in her words "allergy to peanuts" and peanut butter jars would kill her child and she would bury the child next to the cache and we would pay for the helicopters, adnaseum. None of the caches were peanut jars, all were waterproof match containers. She cited no pencils, logs full--all caches had pencils, none of the logs were full. She cited "not enough time" ( children would get out of car, wander into street and be killed and it would be our fault. There were bees nest around cache. Another lie. She is a sick Super-bitch bipolar lunatic, unfortunately. What kind of children will she raise? We pity her for her unhappy life. If she would play the game by the rules, there would be no problem. She playaed the victim card, tried to make SHADOW, about the nicest guy you'll ever meet, into a monster trying to kill her kids. What a nasty, nasty trailer-trash skank! I'd show you her email here, but why bother. It would sicken you. Such evil in the word. Oh well, what goes around, comes around. So it goes.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


iT'S 6:46 a.m., 54 degrees out and Patrick's asleep with Junior.

Well, she's still number one on our list. here's why: ZERO DEFECTS!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


It's 5:26 a.m. dark out, cold and Patrick got up and went back to bed with Junior.

Everythings's OK. Nothing to say.-30-

Monday, October 10, 2005


I'ts 5:51 a.m., dark out, about 50 degrees and Patrick's still in bed.

CQ CQ CQ...Is anybody out there in the blogosphere? Speak now or forever hold your peace!


Sunday, October 09, 2005


It's 5:55, 43 degrees, dark, Patrick got up and went back to bed with Junior.

Well, the Gators (5-1) , ranked 15th after having been slaughtered by Alabama, beat Mississippi State 35 - 9 at the swamp for homecoming, but it wasn't pretty. They got two safeties, a field goal and a touchdown on blocked punt catch-return. The defense was OK, but I thought the offense struggled. They failed to score TWICE from the two yard line... Somebody needs to step up at Receiver and play at the next level, ditto running back, ditto quarterback. If we continue this way, LSU and Georgia are not going to be happy days. Unfortunatly, Stevie Boy's Gamecocks ripped Kentucky a new asshole, putting him at 3-3. The Zookmeister's Fighting Illiini lost to Indiana, so he still awaits his first Big Ten victory. Heh, Heh. No. 5 Georgia humbled the No. 8 Vols in Nashville, so maybe our win against Tennessee is not that big a deal. We shall see. LSU is next, not in the swamp (gulp).

Remember, the thing we need to FOCUS on, is that if we don't win another game this year, is the 2006 game in the Swamp against Spurrier: THE must win GAME OF THE CENTURY! and Fans, Hear Me Now: DO NOT BOO COACH SPURRIER OR THE GATORS WILL LOSE!!!
Remember, he may be a traitor( Why did he have to return to the SEC), whose throwing it back in our face, but Let's take the high moral ground; After all he did give the Gators a superlative 11 years, our first SEC championship and more to follow, and our only National Championship. He should be honored, not disrespected. I hope somebody can prove this to the fans and students. It would be so sweet to beat his ass good in the swamp, especially if he's having a good year. ANd that's the way it is.


Remember, what we need to be prepping for

Saturday, October 08, 2005


It's 4:49, very chilly,Saturday, dark and Junior and Patrick are asleep on a couch downstairs.

Junior has more or less recovered his memory after the concussion he endured Wednesday night. We went yesterday afternoon to look at a residential property for sale near his college. The neighbor asked us if we were the new owners, then when we replied in the negative, told us it had sold three weeks ago, would close any day. So, I said I guess we're wasting our time then. We talked about the property a bit then he said a strange thing: "If you want to look inside, the back door's open." Do you want your neighbor telling strangers, that he KNOWS don't own the place, how to get in? What a moron!! But maybe not moron. I told Junior, you know not to trust ANYBODY: If he had gone inside, what's to stop this jerk from calling the cops, denying he ever talked to Junior and having him arrested? Some people are like that, I know you don't believe it, but it's true.

Back in the sixties, in rural Deval county (Jax) Wes had a five acre spread that he built a shack on, married his big-ass titty girlfriend and had a baby. His dog had the habit of going across the street and grabbing one of his neighbor's chickens and bringing it back to Wes's front yard to eat. Wes's front yard was littered with feathers and chicken bones. One day his neighbof told him "I catch your dog over here grabbing my chickens, I'm gonna shoot him."

Wes replied, "Go ahead. He's not eating your chicken, he's eating mine. He goes round back and gets them and brings them out here ( A lie). But If one of your cows ever gets out and comes over in my yard, I'm gonna shoot HIM." Wes never heard about the the chickens again. He and his neighbor were up front with each other, and they knew where each other stood.

Of course they both knew that the Farmer would be in his full rights to shoot a loose dog that was in his henhouse, and that Wes couldn't legally shoot a cow under any circumstances, or at least his neighbor did...but still, why start a feud over a chicken or two--what's a cheicken between neighbors?

But listen to this: Out back of Wes's place was an small old uncleared Cyprus swamp. On the other side of the swamp was another farmer who Wes talked with about the wild cows that lived there. Wes said that they were spookier than deer. The farmer told Wes that they had gotten loose years ago and were no good to him cause he couldn't catch them, and if Wes could get close enough to one to get a shot, go ahead and shoot him. Evil Liar Guy!!

It's a good thing some of Wes's other neighbors put this city boy straight. This guy WANTED Wes to shoot one of his wild steers, then it WOULD be of use to him, cause he'd called the Sheriff on Wes, and sue him for the Value of the Beef on the Hoof, and most likely Wes would go to the County Lockup....


So it goes....


Thursday, October 06, 2005


It's 4:42 p.m. Junior and Patrick are lounging downstairs on a couch.

At 12:45 a.m. last night I drove to the Huntington Hospital to await the EMS bringing Junior. He is a Pizza Hut Manager, and he fell and hit his head, resulting in a concussion and loss of his short term memory. He got a catscan and x-rays and everything was OK. I brought him home, and he sat up in his computer chair for a couple hours before laying down on the couch. We had several different threads of conversations that we had over and over again.

"I fell and hit my head on the freshly mopped floor, right?"
" Logan and Justin were closing with me right?"
"That's Right".
" I feel like this all happened before, like months ago, you know what I mean?"
" I certainly do."

Then thirty seconds later, the exact same converstion. For two hours. Hundreds of times. He descibes it as like waking up every thirty seconds with amnesia.

Interspersed only with the other threads, each about a hundred times:

"What was the last thing that happened on LOST?"

"What month is it?"

Pretty scary. He needed reassurance that he did in fact live with me. He couldn't remember that Ron Zook had been fired as head coach of the Gators, which happened like nine months ago. So part of his long term memory is jostled as well.

So he's a bit loopy, but his memory is slowly coming back.

We'll go to the doc tommorrow for a follow up, I think he'll be OK by then. So it goes.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Just trying this out. This is the adorable, loveable Patrick B. Brown, a Pasrson Russell Terrier and my constant companion.


It's 7:22 a.m., bright out and Patrick is downstairs sleeping on the couch with Junior.

We had a guy come out yesterday and install a wireless high-speed internet modem thingamagig to our computers. The "Installation" consisted of plugging it into my computer. We routed it to Junior's. Our electric co-op has partnered with some outfit to provide this service in the county. We have a little three inch antennae on the window sill, that picks up some kind of X-ray signal broadcasted from one of four very attractive towers they've erected and viola! we are connected to the net 24/7 with no interrruption of the phone ringing from bill collectors. BYE-BYE DIAL UP!! It has made my old computer (Windows 98) run at somewhere near normal speed and really suped up Junior's XP. He says he can now download pirated music much faster, and PDF's open up quickly...So we have entered the 21st century computer-wise and a whole new here-to-fore unnaccessible portion of the world wide web is now available for our leisure surfing. Whoo-hoo!!!

So many of you haqve complained that Faith Hill is not on our list. Well, in our defense the list is "Top Ten Smokin' Hot Hollywood Actresses". But we DO agree with you.

As the Old Ranger used to say--"So Long"


Tuesday, October 04, 2005


It's 6:28 a.m. an 65 degrees out, and dark, and Patrick's on the side Porch.

Pastrick, Junior and I live on a State Highway, in the country, but it is a narrow two lane road, the same width as the county roads. Indeed the only difference from them is that it has lines painted down the middle of it. To give you an idea of the width of each lane, a semi has about four inches on either side of its tires. Anyway, yesterday I was on the way into town, and this shallow-end-of-the-gene-pool moron, comes roaring out of his lane, without stopping, (From a newly built city person's house) pulls out in front of me, pulling full into the opposite lane and accelerates like a bat out of hell. I guess he did this because he saw me comming(maybe) when he was half way down the lane and didn't want to stop because he knew he couldn't see at the end of his lane, because it's obscurred by a berm. Did he look the other direction? I don't know. So I decided to chase him. That was a mistake. He was doing 85 mph in a 55. This road is not a flat freeway with a 2 mile visibility. It has steep hills, the kind that you don't see oncoming vehicles until they crest the top of the hill. I wanted to see if he would slow down enough stay on his side of the centerline when he hit the S-curves. Most people can't or won't even at normal speeds because they don't understand how to driveand/ or don't possess the ability to operate a motor vehicle properly and safely. It's my opinion you should NEVER knowlingly cross the centerline, always assume opposing direction traffic, just as you always treat a firearm as if it's loaded. Any way the idiot at hand--I couldn't keep up with him and still be safe, so I let him go. He was lounging in the front set like an inner-city negro, his head was in the center of the passenger compartment of his little car. I got the impression he was a youngster. So many thousands die every month in the U.S. from traffic accidents... I'm sure he will be among the sattistics at some point either as a fatality or a cause of death...I'd like to throttle him!!


Monday, October 03, 2005


It's 6:29 a.m., Patrick's outside where it's warm.

Bought the DVD "Evil Dead" saturday for two bucks at a flea market. It's a cult classic, but I'm not sure why. It starts out VERY Slow, the production values are those of a second feature at the Drive-In, "B" Movie? It must have been awful cheep to make, the only set was a cabin in the woods, no built sets or sound stage work... The acting is bad, but when the zombies show up, you get everything you want in horror show: The people's IQ's turn to zero, the monsters' heads explode nicely, etc etc. The special effects are cool, with the exceptrion of a small portion that appears to be claymation. So we've it added to our growing
Zombie movie collection, anchorded by Resident Evil...

Speaking of Zombies, I wonder what the Gators are ranked this morning? My geuss? #16.


Sunday, October 02, 2005


It's 5:33 a.m. it's Sunday and Patrick and Junior are downstairs watching "Bagger Vance" on DVD.

Well, the Crimson Tide opened a can of Woop-Ass and dumped it all over the Gators, who couldn't even score a touchdown against them. So the Gators' train to the National Championship is derailed, but a SEC title is still on the radar scope. After all, Nobody REALLY expected a championship from Urban Meyer in his first year. The Defense missed the bus and never got to Tuscaloosa or wherever this game was played. I haven't seen the boxscore or stats and I don't think I want to. The offense showed up, but refused to play. Some pretender dressed out in Chris Leak's uniform, but he couldn't seem to throw a descent pass and it didn't make any difference because we didn't have a receiver on the field who could catch one. Meyer (If it was him) abandoned the Option, then abandoned the running game, to concentrate on a quarterback passing dropped balls and interceptions. Meyer did not call on backup QB Portis, except at the last few minutes, so I guess he wanted Leak to own this debacle all by himself. Oh well , if we have to have a loss, better it was against the Tide, that FSU or Georgia. I guess this team will have to start from square one. But don't be depressed, Gator Nation! Rome was not built in a day except maybe at Notre Dame, and it will take awhile to undo the Zookster's mess. One shining light on the horizon, Junior said Spurrier got creamed. So the Gators drop out of the top ten and Bama moves closer to it, maybe even in it. So it goes. GAaor Nation, this is important: Don't get down on Meyer--Protect his back at all costs--he is our future!! And that's just the way it is from the Wabash River Valley...


Saturday, October 01, 2005


It's 6:57 a.m. , Saturday, and Patrick's outside.

Just checking in. The Gators play a ranked Alabama team today in Alabama. Sheridan's line is Gators by 3.5 points. That's insignificant. Some forecasters pick Alabama. This will be a real rest of Meyer's magic. A real tough one for the Orange and Blue if they can pull it out. On national network TV. The ground game better be GOOD and the Defense better show up...

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