Wednesday, May 31, 2006


It is 6:49 a.m. and Patrick is being clingy and is up here with me, while Junior and Stephen are crashing on couches downstairs.

A strange storm passed south of us yesterday afternoon. Only the county east of us had the nexrad warning in place. The wind was blowing at a steady 30 knots from the south. 95% of our winds come from the west. 30 knot winds are common and not severe for this area. The wierd thing was the clouds. They were dead still in the air. To the north we had blue sky and white cumulus clouds. To the south rain clouds. But I watched them in all directions against the eves of the roof. No movement whatsover, like they were a painting. Even on calm sunny days, the clouds drift. And usually during a storm, they are moving pretty fast. This was very strange--to be in a 30 knot sustained wind on the ground, and no cloud movememt.

Bye, bye Katie. Good Riddance. We're sure you'll fill Rather's shoes quite admirably, and carry on his stained tradition of treason and lying perfidy.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Some more stuff blooming....



It's 6:49 a.m. and Junior and Patrick are sleeping downstairs where it is cooler.

Well,well,well. It looks like the FBI is going to bring to a halt its mysterious excavation for Hoffa's grave, with narry a pinky finger bone to show for it's exceedingly costly efforts.. This little farce was sponsored by the folks that brought you Waco and Ruby Ridge.They actually did tear down the barn. (We thought that was a joke). The person or persons responsible for authorizing this fiasco need to be imprisoned for life. Seriously. AFTER all their assets and the assets of their children and their children's children are seized and sold at public auction to defray expenses of the project, at treble damages. Come to think of it, let's just dismantle the FBI and start all over again, with SANE leaders in charge.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


It is 5:28 p.m. Junior is at work and Patrick is here with me, awake, but struggling with it.

Summer is officially here at the dogyard. The big dogs are one huge chorus of panting today, and the upstairs of the house is hot.

Adretti Junior-Junior lost the Indy 500 by six tenths or hundreds of a second, anyway just a half-car length. Rookie mistake, he should have blocked the last minute pass.

Junior and Stephen reported seeing some stange-lights-in-the sky type UFO's over the highway the other nite. Just a few miles east of my Lost Time Intersection, and not far from where the little bastards let me have a brief glimpse of the Mother Ship.

Rebecca's Pepper Dennis has one of the smokin' hottest bods in Hollywood as we all know from X-men and her skimpy Bikini scenes in her new show. But I wonder if the producers told her when she signed on that thy were going to cast not just one but TWO babes just as hot, and cuter than her? Can she sue?

It's over ninety outside and 74 downstairs and 85 up here. That's too hot. It's too early in the year for this shit.

Now that the world's sexiest siren, Angelina, has sucked all the manhood out of her wife Bradley and given birth to a white baby, will she toss away this embarrassing wimp? For joe-sixpack to be pussy-whipped by Jolie is one thing but a rich movie star guy with more money than God, who could have his pick from hundreds of World class models and actresses? Does he have any balls left? We'll see.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


It's 5:57 a.m. and Junior went out somewhere and Patrick is underfoot.

More later.

(Image is this year's winner in our annual Dog Hair Birdsnest Contest in the Dogyard).

Friday, May 26, 2006


It is 6:53 a.m. and Patrick has crawled into bed with Junior: Stephen and another guy are sacked out on couches downstairs.

Random Thoughts:

I've completed washing and adjusting all the Big Dog's collars for the season with the exception of Gunner and Bucky, who need new rivets for their name tags. So the weekly Saturday trip into town will include a stop at the hardware store, as I used my last ones, on Denali's collar.

The new Super Walmart in town is going up at a fast pace and it is really HUGE. The Aldi's came down in a day, but hasn't started up yet.

The pumpkins are up, the beans are up, the tomatoes are up, things are looking up, but it's raining again! The fields are being turned.

I finally finishsed the two pizzas that Stephen brought home the other day--Three days of pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It was great!.




Thursday, May 25, 2006


It is 6:31 a.m. and Patrick has joined Stephen and Junior downstairs in sleepy-land.

American Idol? Taylor Hicks? We don't think so. Spazzy's big night was marred by the fact that for anyone listening,
it was obvious that there are at LEAST nine finalists with more talent than he has.

How do you take a show that takes ten seconds and turn it into a two hour mess? Pair up all the losers with pros and let them sing. Actually, tho, dog, it worked for me. The girls were great and anyone of them should have been Idol over Taylor. Sound like sour grapes from the dogyard? Maybe.

Unfortunately for KAT, who was practically topless--YES!--, and who we predict a bigger career than for Spazzy, she had to sing with one of our favorites, Meatloaf, who was just awful, and Kate looked embarrassed for him.

The Burt Bacharack(sic) round of songs was great, as it showcased the talents of all the contestants except for Chris, Elliot and Taylor, who stunk the place up. Even geek boy Kevin did good.

The clincher was when Kat and Spazzy sang Time of My Life as a duet. We rated Kat a perfect ten and Spaz seven at best. That was the head-to-head that proved our point.

Ryan waited until the last two minutes of the show to annoint Taylor.

Oh, well. Kellie, see ya in the movies, darlin' and Kat--you can be in my CD changer anyday.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It's 5:47 a.m. Patrick is still in bed and Junior is at a friend's house.

Well. let's keep it real dogs!

The Idol finalists went head to head last night, and according to Simon, Taylor won. Our translation of the Judges' comments had Taylor at 97%, Kat at 92%.

The actual score, as revealed by our objective analysis was Kat 108%, Goofy-boy 71%.

It seemed like it was a Taylor crowd, and he was clearly the judges' favorite. Will this depress the Katharine vote, or energize them?

We've invested a lot of time and effort in rooting for Katharine, and now it's up to the producers to manipulate the vote and decide who's the winner.

Opposite Idol was the Academy of Country Music Awards 41st annual show. Is that the same as the CMA's or different?

Anyway , the head-to-head competition there was betweeen two Idol alums, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, and there was no doubt about the winner.

Carrie was looking radiant in a sexy gown while she sang "Jesus Take the Wheel", her hit single. She broke down at the end, and couldn't sing the last note, so overwelmed was she by the love coming from the crowd, which was on its feet. Only a few minutes later, still teary eyed, she accepted the Award for Single of the Year for the song, and later the Award for best new rookie female singer of the year.

Poor Kelly, clearly out of her element, struggled with a song with rascal flats, in a bizzarely strange and goofy outfit.

But REBA made the headline of the night with her comment about the Ditzy Bitches. These anti-American sluts had recanted their "apology" to President Bush for Nastalie's comment in a foreign country that they were ashamed that President Bush was from Texas. The little porker said he deserved no respect. Then, one of the other idiots, the horse faced one, I think, really stepped in it by decaring that they only wanted "cool" fans that "got it", and would rather have a few of those, than be in a five CD changer with the likes of Toby Kieth and Reba. I sincerely hope they get their wish.

I don't know what these morons have against Reba, I 'm not tapped into the country music scene, but on the show last night Reba said she was nervous about the evening, but "if the Dixie Chicks can sing with their foot in their mouth, I can host this sucker!"

Good for you Reba. She's a class act.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


It's 5:43 a.m. and Patrick has joined Junior and Stephen downstairs on the couches for more snoring.

The Dixie Bitches have recanted their "apology" to Bush, and in the same breath dissed Country music fans of Reba and someone else I can't remember, stating they don't want them to buy their CD's because they're stupid and "Don't Get It"--read anti-American. Who do these people think they are?

I only have several TV shows on the MSM that I like, Survivor, Lost, Ghost Whisperer and Medium, and American Idol.

Medium's producers had the bad taste to use the Dixie Moonbats' latest album song in the background, so I guess that's it for me for Medium. Besides, the show's getting stale...

Speaking of Idol, tonight's the big night. Last three songs from Taylor and Kat--Kat is ahead in the real voting, but not by much--guess it depends on whether and where the Isreali's votes go... If the producer's go by the real vote, that is. Last weeks ridiculous fiction of a virtual three-way tie shouldn't have fooled anyone, but I haven't read any comment on it...

If I am one of the 26 million veterans whose identities have been stolen, won't they be surprised when they try to get a loan?


Monday, May 22, 2006


It's 5:57 a.m. and Earthdog Patrick has joined Stephen and Junior downstairs to begin his second shift of sleeping.

More later.
It's later. Well the results are in. Da Vinci Code took in 77 million bucks over the weekend., well on it's way to becoming a world wide blockbuster. That's unfortunate, because Dan Brown has created an intellectually dishonest work. Although everybody suppposedly knows the book is a work of fiction, the supposed "facts" that Danny boy uses to build his ridiculous theory, are not facts at all but lies, distortions and outright fabrications. And people believe these "facts" he has invented, not thru faulty research, that's clear, and so that lends crdibility to the whole outrageous mess. Oh well. Ron Howard should be ashamed. He's too smart to be a dupe. Is it all about money? Or does he just hate Christianity and more targetedly the Catholics? I thought we had done with anti-popery in this country. I guess not.
As a work of fiction, it's one thing. But to claim the fiction is based on historical facts that are false is just plain evil. Shame, shame, shame.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


It's 5:57 a.m. and Patrick has joined Junior and Steven downstairs to snooze on the couches in front of the TV.

Random thoughts:

Well, it is offical: Fully 52% of the votors in NOLA are either racists, morons, or both.

We watched Barbero break down in the Preakness on TV yesterday-- Really sad. He may have been the best hope for a triple crown winner.

Well, Barry Bonds finally got 714. By cheating. Oh, well.

Had to mow part of the lawn with the grass wet and ground squshy. Otherwise the grass would have gotten too high to mow at all and the rest of the lawn would havae gotten pushed back one more day...

Pumpkins have sprouted, and the beans--they survived the 8-day monsoon. Looks like the Peaches and Pears will have a banner crop this year -- bookoo little tiny fruits on both--after a non productive last year (drought).

Do you know why most people view tomatoes as vegetables and not fruits? I don't either. Fruits are the food for seeds that they contain--Vegetables, on the other hand are roots, stalks, shoots,seeds , or ragmalandas, i.e. Any other part of the plant not a fruit.

Peanuts are not nuts, or peas, they are legumes.

Historically Meat eating peoples have always conquered bean eating countries.

We are strict extreme vegetarians, altho we do eat as much fish, beef ,pork, and chicken as we can, when we can get our hands on it.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


It's 5:57 a.m. and Junior and Patrick are in bed.

Nothing to say today. maybe later.

(Image is Patrick with more Dogyard flowers)

Documentation for Liver Pate werved at Hanging Rock for Seise de Mayo:

2# Chicken livers, fried in garlic butter
1# bacon fried crisp and crumbled
1/2 small onion, chopped
1 anchovie, chopped
1 hardboiled egg chopped
1 half log soft liverwurst or bransweiger
1/2 cup sour cream
Blue cheese dressing until consistency reached
Some parsley chopped
Blend thouroughly


Friday, May 19, 2006


It's 5:37 a.m. and Patrick is still in bed. Junior must have been here and left , judging by the lights left on and the litter downstairs.

Bitch Barbara Boxer and her traitor buddies show their true colors! If there was any doubt sho the America-haters club includes, there can't be any doubt now.

Hitched to the Immigration Bill in the senate was an amendment making English the official language of the U.S. The democrats vehemently opposed it.



Thursday, May 18, 2006


It is 7:37 a.m. and Patrick is under the covers downstairs with either Junior or Stephen.

Satellite photos show the Federal Bueau of Idiots digging up a farm near Detroit and they've admitted they're looing for Jimmy Hoffa's body. GET OVER IT! He's dead, and so is Francisco Franco. The moron who ordered this little fidld trip needs to be fired. What a waste of the taxpayer's dollars and the FBI's resources. From the folks that brought you WACO.

American Idol proved once again last night that it is not a reality show by showcasing the obviously phony voting results: Each contestant got 33% and change of the votes. Yeah, right... Baloney!! If you believe that, you're delusional. We have no doubt the Order of the vote was preserved intact, perhaps, but not the totals.

So, don't bother voting, you know it's rigged. Taylor wins, who woulda thought?

But we still think KATHARINE MCPHEE is the real winner....

Da Vinci Code, the movie, is BORING, DULL and TOO LONG according to the majority of critics. That should settle the debate. I'm not sure we're going to support it with our ticket dollars, now. Twenty bucks for fighting sleep in a theatre is not my idea of a good time. Think I'll quit re-reading the book, now. Sorry, Tom. We don't like your haircut, anyway.




Wednesday, May 17, 2006


It's 6:01 p.m., Patrick's asleep in his crate and Junior and Stephen have gone to work.

To illustrate how useless online polls are, halfway thru a story on the Duke athletes' problems, there was a poll that asked are you following this unfolding story closely, just somewhat, or not at all. Not at all, unbelieveably got 14% !! So are 14% idiots or liars?

Our extremely objective American Idol grading system had, out of 100 possible points, Elliot at 49.999, Taylor at 95.829 and Kat at 104.163...

When Kat sang "Over the Rainbow" we just sat with our jaw hanging open and we knew it was the Best Performance of the year--Simon confirmed it "single best performance of the competition to date."

Taylor was great with "You are so Beautiful", and Simon said "so far and away your best performance."

Kat's third song was a bluesy deal and she NAILED it--the judges didn't like it.

The highlight of the evening was poor drunk Paula dancing on stage with Taylor. She's such a shameless hussy!

Everybody thinks it's Elliot's turn to go tonite. One can only hope.

Can't upload pics with this stupid browser. Got to get back to Firefox.

Isn't it pathetic to see our "statesmen" falling all over themselves to curry favor with the foreign criminals in our midst because they might become voters some day?? No, it's not. It's tragic.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


It is 7:33 a.m. and Patrick is outside and Junior and Stephen are sleeping on couches downstairs.

The president's speech last night--It was just OK for me dog, a little pitchy in the middle, but it's OK.

Half-ass measures by half-ass politicians, why should we expect anything more? The democrat response wasm uddled and contradictory: didn't really make any sense--these guys are devoid of any original ideas.

This little civilization was just the brightest spark on this planet that shone briefly, then quickly flickered out. Human beings have a long way to go to reach any kind of logical maturity . The odds are they go extinct before they come close to joining the galxial family of intelligent beings. At least that's what I'm going to put in my report. I don't think I can recommend any more resources be given them, look what they've done with what we gave them so far.... Sorry. Prove me wrong.


Mayabe we should end this mission and concentrate out efforts elsewhere. This life form may be beyond help, an evolutionary dead-end.

Monday, May 15, 2006


It is 6:54 a.m., and Junior is out somewhere and Patrick is still in bed, of course.

Random thoughts:

It drizzled continually all day yesterday and no end in sight. Miserable weather. With all this moisture, the first day the sun comes out, the grass will surge up six inches, and become impossible to mow by the time the ground gets dry enuff to drive a mower over... great.

Elmhusrt High, in Ft. Wayne, suffers its second casualty of the Iraq War.

W goes on TV tonite to talk about the Mexican Invasion. If it's anything less than round up the 12 million and send them home, then seal the borders, screw him.

Is it time to start killing off all the birds, yet?

We think we have it bad, looks like New England is under water...

Another WAKO in the brewing? If Bush doesn't manage this personally, it will be our final break with him.

If the national democrats gain control of the hous and senate, this fall, it will be the end of our Republic as we know it. These diabolical devil worshipers will put the final nail in the coffin of human rights, Christianity and Decency in North America. They are political Vampires of the worse sort. Republicans? They're just amateur vampires in comparison.

Anyone in this period of History that alligns themselves with the national democrat party is either totally ignorant of politics or a traitor to American values. period. We know the great massses of negroes and illiterates who vote 90% democrat are politically clueless. We know the "intelligencia" are communists. What's the excuse of the rest of them? They can't all be evil or stupid, although a healthy percentage of them are. They are dupes.

We long for the days when there was an intelligent, honest , sincere left wing in this country (not really). Now all we have is traitors and morons. Bill Clinton? the adulterer? John F. Scary, D-Hanoi, the admitted Traitor? Jimmah Cottah, the silly old woman Dictators' foreign agent? Yikes!

How could a country that elected Ronald Reagon twice fall so low? Think about it. You know the answer. Satin knows the answer.

enuff, already.


Sunday, May 14, 2006


You have to be a pretty old fart like me to remember the TV show "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" It starred Dwayne Hickman as a high school kid looking for Love--(cue music)

"Dobie wants a girl to call his own,
Is she short, is she tall, is she fat, is she small?
Is she any kind of dreamboat at all?
'Cause Dobie has to have a girl to call his own"

This show was innocent and smart and came out in the sixties when I was in Junior High and High school.

They, at one point came out with a line of shirts, designed to be worn outside the trousers--they came to a point in front and back--Dobie wore them,--and we all bought them and wore them to school, thinking we could get around the dress code. "They're DESIGNED to be worn out..." No deal. we had to tuck them in. Clothes had some import on "coolness" in those days. I remember when a new kid transferred from up north to our school and he wore wide belts and black socks and committed some other horrible fashion faux pauxs--but in a year or two our pencil thin belts were out--turns out his part of the country was just ahead of us--I think the teenage girls controlled this part of our lives... And we , like Dobie loved them.

Anyway, we all watched this show. It featured Dwayne Hickman as Dobie and the show always started out with Dobie on a park bench in front of a statue of The Thinker, addressing the camera and telling us about his latest problem. Tuesday Weld, a hot blonde movie starlet playead his love-interest. Gilligan played Maynarad G. Krebbs, his beatnik buddy, in a classic performance.

And now we get to the point of all this, almost. There was a character named ZELDA GILROY, who was a girl nerd, that loved Dobie.

In real life, she grew up to be the first admitted Lesbian Senator in the California State Senate. So far, so good.

BUT, apparently it has been her life vision to destroy the innocnece of America as portrayed by Central City in that sitcom she played in.

She authored and introduced a bill in the Senate, that forces school tesxbooks to not disparage gays and lesbians. Fine, I didn't know they did that. (They don't). But it also mandates that they MENTION THE SEXUAL ORIENTATION of gay historical figures.

I'm not kidding here, folks. Boy this will double the cost of special testbooks just for the state of California. Bend over and Take it in the you know where, taxpayers. The example Zelda gives is that if you mention a poet in the book, you have to mention that he is black AND you have to mention he is GAY.

Does this mean, that a mention of Jefferson might read, "Thomas Jefferson, white heterosexual,..." or "Martha Washington, not a sexual deviant..." No, this is just for queers.

This is sheer lunacy, folks. And the Senate has PASSED it. Ahnold won't comment, I think his handlers have reigned him in on this one, and just in time.

Now we could give a rat's ass what this dyke's kinky sex habits are. Most Americans tolerate queers. It's when they cross the line and try to shove their queerness down our throats and hold it up with pride, that we get irked.

I like the hell out of Ellen, but when she turned her sitcom into a "Look at me, I'm a Queer and that's a good thing, and I'm better than you and you shoud try it, show that people got weary of listening to it and tuned out. So, no viewers, no show. Her new show is a great hit, and she hasn't ruined it by trying to make it into a political platform for her lifestyle.

Anyway, I hope the California Assembly has enuff guts to trash this stupid piece of legislation.

Witch Zelda crossed the line when she started her campaign to educate children about how great it is to be a sexual deviant. That's child molestation in my book. Bitch.

Don't file this one under "Anti-Homosexual", file it under "Anti-stupidity".

-TR-( centering function inoperable at this time)


It's 7:22 a.m. and Junior is asleep and Patrick is outside in the rain.

It's been raining and cold for a whole week now, and no let up in sight. Very miserable weather.
I was going to go to the White Expo that's being held by the National Association for the Advancaement of White People, but since it's raining, instead I'll just work on Junior's application for a grant from the United Caucasion College Fund.

More later.

Image is Patrick's new avatar.

Now the auto html is not working properly on blogger. Oh well. If I were paying for this, I'd be pissed.

I read in the Lone Ranger's blog this morning that Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Oz was riding in a plane that got hit by lightening, Saturday.

I used to fly every week for about ten years in a different life. We businessmen had to sit in the back of the ship so we could smoke. Smoke and drink. And boy could we do that.

One Friday nite, returning home to Hartsfield, we flew thru the biggest lightening storm I've ever seen. It was spectacular--flashes down below ever few seconds, a real show. As we descended thru it, we got bumped hard. The pilot came on and said we were hit by lightening, but we were 100% A-OK. That made the tourists in front of us a little uneasy. In order to fuel their fears, I began talking about it in a way designed to scare the hell out of them, using my experience to lend credibility to my rant. --but you have to remember I was young and stoopid and drunk.

Anyway, When it came time to land, we zoomed straight in. No twenty minutes or more in a holding pattern, circling over the second businest, at that time, airport in America. So I knew they got emergency clearance. When we got off the ship, there at the jetway, was the co-pilot , as was their custom in those days, to greet us goodbye.

I'll never forget this poor fellow--He was drenched is sweat and pale as a ghost.

In hundreds and hundreds of thousands of airmiles, that's the only time I was flying in a plane that got struck by lightening.

But I was hit by a pass of sheet lightening while holding onto a metal lawn cart in a field while part of a landscape crew as a teenager. We were planting the lugustrums for new construction at the world's first condominium, in Clearwater. We had an old '54 Studebaker dump truck, that I had to drive to the Forida Steate Inspection Station. How it passed, I'll never know..... That was about forty years ago, on a planet far different from the one I'm inhabiting today.

Which reminds me of another harrowing airplane ride. We were flying on this little Brazillian job--a twelve space little two engine prop plane-- chartered to get us from BFE somewhere to a real airport.--I think it was in the Carolinas somewhere. Anyway, You could see into the cockpit, there was no door, and the Pilot was wearing a black Cowboy hat. This is the truth, I swear. Anyway, again we were flying over a thunderstorm, and so to get thru it to land, the pilot deccided to put this little piece of shit into a power dive--staraight down to the airport. That was really cool. The whole way down, somebody was yelling at the top of their lungs "Yaaaaahhooooooooooo!" Yaahoooooo!!". To this day I suspect it was the pilot!


Saturday, May 13, 2006


It's 7:03 a.m. and Junior and Stephen just wandered in. Patrick is outside.

Junior just told me that I can use shift-enter to make the carriage return work.
it works!

There are ruins on the far side of the moon. If I can find photos I will post them later in the week.

The road to town is flooded . This ought to be fun,ha, ha.

Friday, May 12, 2006


It's 6:53 a.m and the third day of the flood emerges. Patrick has joined Junior under the covers and Stephen has fallen asleep in front of the downstairs TV. Since I'm on dial-up, even tho I'm on Junior's computer, there will be no paragraphs here, if Blogger let's me post today. Maybe if I attempt to use html?

Now I forget what I was going to blog about.

There is a big ocean in the corn field just due east of us, that has never been there before in the ten years we've been here....

Well it looks as if the html worked, that's nice. now let's see if we can upload an image, if that's not too much to ask.

No 714 for Barry, yet.

photo is of Army's new Cha-wah-wah launcher.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


It's 6:55 a.m. and Patrick has jumped into bed with Junior. I'm on my classic antique dial-up puter. Carriage return doesn't work here. But it's OK because I have nothing to say. Let's see if edit works... I does, but still no cr. I wonder who got thrown off AI last night? I hope it wasn't Katharine. I am going to attempt to upload some old photos that are resident on this machine. Nope. this machines too slow. no images.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It is 6:09 a.m and damned if it isn't twilight outside! Planted on a couch downstairs is Stephen, at least I think it's him, and Patrick is logging it with Junior.

Speaking of Planting, I Planted some tomatoes yesterday. I am tomatoeless now since they've torn down the Aldi's and I refuse to pay a dollar a fruit at Kroger's. Screw them. I do have some canned tomatoes for stew but they are no good in a salad...

I purposedly did NOT watch the ABC Spanish Flu movie. If I 'm gonna be dead in a few years, who cares.

Took copious notes about the Elvis Show Idol last night, but don't have the energy to do a complete analysis. Suffice it to say Kat's rendition of Houn Dog was nothing short of SPECTACULAR, altho her second effort was not up to her very high standards. Needless to say the judges viciously dissed her, as is their wont, even bitch-slut Paula, in her slurred-speech drug-induced haze. She may not be long for the show. Kat, not Paula. Something's going on there, we don't know about...

The bitch-slapping witty repartee' between Simon and Pretty boy is getting wearisome. Ryan was just plain MEAN last night.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006


It's 5:43 a.m. and Patrick got up with me after a considerable amount of growling and put his shoulder to Junior's door and busted in. Stephen is slumbering on his couch downstairs.

I guess it would be too much to ask for these democrat assholes to give us a break. If W nominated the Angel Gabariel to something, they'd find fault with it. They're pathetic. John F. Kerry continues to make a fool of himself. I 'm beginning to believe he's getting as senile as Ted Kennedy.

But enuff about these jerks.

more later, maybe.

Oh, and I've started re-reading The DaVinci Code, so I can compare it to the film, which is due out soon...

Pic is Stephen at the Rock.

Monday, May 08, 2006


It's 6:08 a.m. and Patrick is still in bed. How on earth does he know that Junior's not here for him to get under the covers with? I swear that dog is psychic.

Three FTF geocaches to go for today, but I'm not that energetic this a.m. Got some other more pressing stuff to do this morning, then go into town later, so maybe this afternoon...or tommorrow, crap it will cost five bucks to get into the park, boo!!

Photo is Junior and Patrick on top of Hanging Rock Saturday.


Sunday, May 07, 2006


It's 7:28 a.m. and Patrick and I just got up, the difference being I made coffee and he crawled into bed with Junior.

I'm sore all over from hiking too many miles in the woods up and down ravines and up and down Hanging Rock at the annual Geocachers Ball. I banged my shin HARD in a wine induced stupor against a picnic table, and so now have a rather nice hemotoma to contend with that really hurt last nite.

I feels good tho.

more later

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Gone to the 2006 Spring indiana Geocaching Picnic.

Friday, May 05, 2006


It's 5:53 a.m. and Junior is off somewhere and Patrick is here with me.

Well, we hear Paris Bennett was kicked off Idol. Well ,we've got our theory about all that. We think Paris' appearance on the program was just a deal her people made with the the producers, to showcase her talent. I think she already had a record deal, and thru influence, cut a deal to appear, but not win, on Idol to introduce her to America, and promote her future career. She has connections...AND, we can find a conspiracy ANYWHERE.

And speaking of getting kicked off, Shane got kicked off the island on Survivor. Good, one more crying jag from that asshole and we would have puked.

It's time to send the Mexicans home. Good run; now, Chico, GET THE HELL OUT!!

We've resisted this, but now I think it's time to embrace the idea of mining the border...

Not all Arabs are bad. See photo! ;)


Thursday, May 04, 2006


It's 5:44 a.m. and Patrick is outside and Junior is in bed and Stephen is asleep on a couch downstairs.

Well, Michelle Rodrigues got killed off LOST last night, as well as Hurly's girlfriend--now THAT was a stretch (no mystery there, since she had already taken another job.--I'd kill her off too.). We knew two were going to die, but so soon? And Anna Lucia was a good bet. After all she IS a movie star. So she departs with no real resolving of her back story...

The tulips are up.

Harvested 17 good-sized morels from under the Morel Elm tree.

More later.

Oh, how could the jury not give MOO-SOW-WEE life? What do you have to do to get the death penalty in these Idiots' little brains? Blow up the planet?


Wednesday, May 03, 2006


It's 6:42 a.m. and all is normal: Patrick and Junior asleep in bed and Stephen asleep on a couch downstairs in front of the menu screen to a DVD.

AI was pretty dismal last night, with crappy songs and crappy performances. Each of the five contestants got to sing twice which made it doubly painful. Elliot was dreadfullly boring, even tho the judges like him and He needs to GO. Paris apparently is not their little darling anymore. Either that or they forgot to read the script. Simon called her performance "screechy and anoying" to which the little idiot replied "Thank you." Is she all there? I'll tell you what IS annoying--her nasal Minnie Mouse speaking voice. Her second effort got a "rather well" from Cowell.

Chris Stunk the place up with his his first "song" and the Judges couldn't get enuff of it. His second effort was unbearable. I wanted to turn it off, it was painful to listen to. The judges weren't thrilled with Golden Boy on this one, either. Yikes!

Grey head's first performance was a parody joke of a gyrating singer in our opinion. Simon agreed, tabbing it "horrible". We liked his second performance which was a rendition of the Beatles "Something" and we thought he did great--reminded us of Elvis--and apparently Simon liked it; we didn't hear his comments.

And that brings us to the beautiful and talented Katharine. We didn't like her first song, but thought she did a superb job with it. Of course all the judges dissed her as much as they could, for no reason.

Her second effort was nothing short of SPECTACULAR. She sang the song on her knees--well, you had to be there. It was truly one of the best performances EVER on Idol--and the judges grudgingly acknowledged that it was OK.

With the exception of Kat and Taylor, Idol would be falling in the ratings if this show was any indicator.

They are going to have to replace poor Paula--she is just not contributing--She just parrots whatever Randy says, and occasionally punches Simon in the arm--not enuff.

Without Simon, love him or hate him, this show would suck.

Oh, Kellie, where are you?




Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well, it's 6:19 a.m. and Patrick got up with me, growled menacingly and crawled into bed with Junior.

Well, Rush explained his deal with the state of Ridiculaflorida on his show yesterday. I didn't hear the whole thing, but I didn't hear him mention the thirty grand.

I think what this crazed prosecuter has done to Rush is OUTRAGEIOUS. If there was a word that I knew that meant Outrageous times ten, I'd use it.

Three years of harrrassing this man, and they can't come up with a charge that sticks, so they EXTORT money from him to save face and BLACKMAIL him inot treating it as a nuuisance suit.

Rush pleads NOT GUILTY to ONE CHARGE of Doctor shopping, then pays them money, then the whole thing dissappears after 18 months. What a joke! This DA ought to be tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail. This is an abuse of power run amuck.

Rush says he's spent millions on his defense of this crap, which he had to take to the Supreme Court, where he prevailed... I can almost believe that considering I know first hand what lawyers charge poor people. I can't even begin to fathom what they charge rich people--and for two years and seven months?

Rush was probably deleriously happy to get this persecution to go away for a mere thirty grand. Yes, persecution, not prosecution. This whole thing was a blatant attempt to politically squash an authentic American Hero and is disgraceful. SHAME!!

This is a sad commentary on the state of "justice" in a state I love, but has now become a laughingstock in this matter. "Nuff said. Grrrrrr!!!



Monday, May 01, 2006


It's 6:06 a.m. and Patrick and Junior are asleep .

Angelina Jolie was on TV yesterday talking about education for African Children. She is about 8 months pregnant and looks really, really giggly-happy. For those of you from the planet Qaark, Ms. Jolie is an Academy Award winning Actress shacked up with Bradley Pitt, an actor of some reknown in his own right. We know she's waaaaacked out, but still, we admire her...And after all we need an excuse to post another picture.

Did I mention it's raining?

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