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Monday, April 23, 2012


MISS VICKI'S ON THE RIVER is hidden away on the Mouth of the Anclote River with a great view and after years of searching for it after being given bum directions by "friends" we finally found it. We asked Miss Vicki why there were no signs other than at the entrance to the boat yard, and in unison, she and three servers yelled "No!" --They have all the business they can handle and it's easy to see why!

They have the absolute best She-crap soup north of Havana!!! And the burgers dare delicious. And the beer is cold! Draft beer is served in plastic cups, as is the custom in these patio places, but they automatically wrap it in a styrofoam cup for you to use as a cozie, in case you forgot yours...And the place has an Old Florida Cracker atmosphere. We arrived a little past lunchtime on a Saturday that had ominous squall clouds coming in off the Gulf, and I think that, and the timing of the regulars not quite ready to venture out accounted for the fact that the bar was empty--Altho the outside tables were all full. By the time we reluctantly left, the place was packed.

It is an open to the air covered bar that accommodates maybe a dozen stools, with a few tables and then a lot of tables outside. While the menu items may be a tad on the high side for his type of laid back Tiki Bar place, it is definitely worth it. And beer prices are not outrageous like at some of these places. This is a locals hangout. The wait staff are young , energetic and very friendly--like one big happy family. This place is a true hidden gem and gets our highest Rting!!! A+ Service, Food and Atmosphesre. Beer and Wine only, to drink. Live Music at night, under the Stars. We live in Paradise!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


LAGERHEADZ TARPONS SPRINGS FLORIDA--We were looking forward to this place after having been told about it by friends. The fifty cent oysters and dollar drafts were eagerly anticipated.. We liked the covered Tiki Bar atmosphere and the deck. There is a huge statue of an Alligator and we sat right next to the pool where a bunch of small gators bask in the sun. Really great atmosphere.

Our bubble was quickly burst. I hope our visit was an isolated incident because we really wanted to like this place. One bartender gal was taking care of the outside, but on a Saturday mid afternoon, it wasn't crowded. We waited a long time for her to get to us, but hey, she was busy.
But the bad part was, we ordered the Craft Beer Special and it turned out to be hard cider and was a long time coming.. Oops, Oh well, not that big a deal. We asked for a menu, never got it, I finally went and found one. I had ordered a dozen oysters at the git go and after wondering if they were ever going to come, they did, and they were great, and a good deal at fifty cents each. I used that rare opportunity to order the dollar beer, but had to pry the info out of the barmaid that it even existed, even tho it's featured on the sign out front. By this time Rosie wanted out and refused to order a beer or any food.
The funny thing is, different servers kept coming out of the main restaurant bringing food, that the bartender gal delivered to the tables. I figured they must be really busy inside. At one point, a waiter came out and took orders from the table next to us. Finally she gets some help I thought, altho she didn't really need it. I motioned him over and he told me he'd be right back, then of course he was gone forever. It seems his job was to just take care of that one table. Rosie wanted to talk to a manager. We were invisible. This is the first time in decades I have not left a tip. This was a rare experience for us, to be so ignored in a not so busy place. On the way out, I opened the door to the main restaurant to check it out, and to my amazement the place was totally empty--no one at the bar, no one sitting at tables. Where were all these servers who kept bringing the food? It was like the twilight zone. We went to Capt Jack's down the road to get lunch, and altho they were really busy, the barmaid had my PBR in front of me me within thirty seconds of plopping my sorry butt down on the barstool and seemed genuinely happy we were there.. You win some, you lose some!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


" I ain't going to say I was sad (about Tebow leaving the Broncos) because the only thing they remember is that pass.(His 80 yard TD reception in the playoff game against the Steelers in overtime) You gotta go back and look at the rest of the games. I wasn't getting no balls." --Demarius Thomas, WR for Denver In Radio Interview



1. Tebow threw to you MORE THAN ANY OTHER RECEIVER.


3. YOU WHINED TO THE PRESS about not getting thrown to enough in college at Georgia Tech also.

4. You are just barely functionally literate. (Did you graduate?)

5. There is no such name as "Demaryius" in any known language.

Thomas has since backed off his disingenuous statements, due to a firestorm of criticism of his mean spirited rant.

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