Saturday, December 31, 2005


Happy New Year! It's 5:36 a.m. Patrick just came in from the rain and Junior is downstairs watching Ghostbusters on TV.

Here's today's rant:

As stinky- bad as the Republican party is, it is still the only refuge available politically that is viable for a number of groups: Extreme Right Wingers (whom I am proud to be counted among); all folks with more common sense than the Almighty gave a goat; Patriotic Americans; Those who believe mass murder is evil; Those who love their country. I can understand why the masses who are totally ignorant of politics, religion, social ethics, and history are being blindly led by the Dems--they are greedy and don't know any better. But what about educated Dems? What is their problem? They have nowhere to go. The communist/liberal viewpoint has no intellectual home today. Every since the Democrat party shed all vestiges of Patriotism and common sense, bowing before the awful god of despotic political power whose name is Legion, the libs who are intellectually honest must be cringing in terror. That's why I think there is going to be a split in the dem party. At some point honest folks who are com/lib and can't go to the Repubs will have to start their own party, or at least try to take back the dem party and kick the stained dress Clintonites out.
Case in point: There is a dem/lib/bitch in the congress who is opposing allowing Army recuiters access to high school students. She goes on and on about how she LOVES the military and LOVES our soldiers, repects the honorable profession of baby killer, ad nauseum, blah-blah- lying blah--but talk to the kids? NEVER!!! She is an MC from, you guessed it, KOOKAFORNIA, and her name is Woolsey or something like that.
When I was a freshman at the University of Florida in the late 1960's, ROTC was MANDATORY for two years, since we were a land grant college (requirement since dropped). So I was in Air Force ROTC for two years---had a Uniform and everything. There was no Niedemeyer with a white horse, altho our Fraternity, Gamma Theta chapter of TEKE (Tau Kappa Epsilon) at The University of Florida was the model used for the movie Animal House. We survived " rot-see" as it is called, thank you very much, Ms. Woolsey, you lesbian creep!
You think I'm getting sick of some of these bastards in our congress? Damn right I am! Their putrid stench is an abomination to our Republic. In time of war, it's clear who the enemy is: It's the guy shooting at you, and it's the guy cooking his supper...
Rot in hell, bitch- cook!
OK, I'm alright now. See ya!

Friday, December 30, 2005


It's 6:51 p.m., Junior's at work and Patrick's asleep, of course.

Well--- tuned into GatorZone to listen to the BB game on the net, that was supposed to start at 7:00pm, and guess what-- they played it at 1:00, so I guess I've learned a valuable lesson about Gator BB--check on game day for the start time. Anyway:
The Gators beat FAMU 84-47, but get this -- It was 49 - 23 at the half, then score got up to 72-26! Guess Billy probably pulled all the starters at that point, because the Rattlers started to score.
So Gators are 12-0, a school record for a season start -- hope they can keep it up when they start meeting REAL competition....



It's 6:39 a.m. Junior is in bed and earthdog Patrick has crawled into bed with him. Stephen is downstairs playing Need for Speed.

Random thoughts, this morning:

We have a judge, if you can call him that, here in Indiana, that has issued some sort of bench statute that states that the word "Jesus" cannot be used in the opening prayers of the State Legislature. Now believe it or not, we don't consider everybody that doesn't agree with us to be fools or traitors or worse. It's just that it's getting harder and harder to find SINCERE politicians these days. I don't know about this judge. He's not a traaitor or an idiot. But he may be POSSESSED...

Seriously, the attack on Christianity continues on all levels in all places. They won't win, so don't worry about it, folks.

When eons from now, the paragraphs are written for each century in the history books, the twentieth century will be noted for one special atrocity committed by mankind against mankind: The slaughter of millions of innocent babies world wide. Abortion is murder, and no amount of debate and justification can change that fact. A dead baby is a dead baby. The cause of death is ABORTION and the manner of death is Murder. Period. So, take your stand: You are either FOR the murder of INNOCENTS , or you are not. What would Jesus do? Oops, are the stormtroopers going to knock my door down? Did they hear me utter the forbidden word?

Remember Tony Paaaaaacko's hot dog restaurant in Toledo? That Klinger of the 4077th used to dream about? I ate there while on weekend pass in the Army, went home with a buddy who lived near Cleveland. He was the boss of the VOQ when I ran the BOQ at Ft. McNair in D.C.; remember that story? That's when we got drunk on scotch with Col. Rosas, the guy who killed Che Guevera...The walls of the place were lined with famous people- -no they weren't, that would be gruesome, the walls were lined with signed photos of people eating in the place. I remember one photo in particular, the famous person was not photographed in the eatery, the photo was of him on a plane, him eating a Tony Paco hot dog. I remember the hot dog, but not who it was...What made me think of this? What's the point? I forget. Oh well...

Photo is Patrick and me atop Hanging Rock on the Wabawsh.


Thursday, December 29, 2005


It's 5:21 a.m. and Patrick's still in bed and so is Junior.

Junior and I watched Ghost Busters on DVD last night and I think Sigourney Weaver should have been voted an Oscar (r) for her performance, if not for acting, then just for being so damned sexy.

The judge that issued the restraining order against David Letterman revoked it and the Woman threatened to break Letterman's legs if he flew down to see her. I'm sure he's on his way.As a trained photojournalist I find this bit of reporting reprehensible and totally unprofessional as is their usual wont, on the part of the MSM. The real story is WHY a sitting judge, in ANY venue is allowing this woman to make a mockery of the judicial system. THAT's not covered in the story. The WHY of the Judge revoking the order is not mentioned and that's the crux of the story. Did Letterman's attorneys petition the court? Dis his superiors or peers pressure him? Or did he merely emerge from his drug-induced? or psychotic ? haze to see the light of day? Just another example among the hundreds of how our dirty MSM avoids important issues while going hell bent for leather in their quest for political power and Treason...The damned fools.

What? Do I sound bitter regarding the MSM? You bet I do. Why, you ask? That's another story and it gets personal and goes back a long way, to when I was among their ranks. But for you, gentle reader, it's enough for you to know that these stinking turds are stabbing you in the back, a nibbbling away at your republic bit by bit, like the filthy rats that they are. Just in time alternative news sources are emerging, the satelite networks and the Blogs...


Wednesday, December 28, 2005


It's 6:56 a.m. , Junior is in bed, Patrick crawled in with him, and Stephen and three other guys are downstairs playng poker. It's dark and raining.

Patrick and I went geocaching yesterday and found one in the woods and replaced an ISQ. Heat wave continues.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005


It's 6:34, dark out and Junior just left to go into work to do some extra curicular stuff, and Patrick is playing with his little yellow smiley face ball, which is very good for him since for some reason, he can't tear it up.

Random ramblings, this morning:

Look's like the blistering heat wave is going to continue. The big dogs are dissapointed.

Does this font look red to you? Good, then it's not just me.

South Bend has a TV weather chick who is a world class beauty. Our Ft. Wayne weather women are either 105 years old, or grotesquely obese. What's up with that? Pisses me off. It's not like they're meteorologists or something. It's not like meteorologists know anything more about what the weather's going to be than we do. What's next? Ugly football cheerleaders? Miss Fatso America Beauty Pageant? What was the job order, anyway? "Wanted: Fat ugly chicks to read weather on TV".

NEWS ALERT: It looks like Monday Night Football is dead, for the networks at least. Going to ESPN?

We've switched allegiance from Peyton's Colts to ex-Gator's Grossman's Bears for our Super Bowl hopes. Go Bears!!!

Speaking of Football, the odds have narrowed for the Outback bowl to Gators by 1.5 points. How do you win by 1.5 points? May as well call it even. If Iowa beats us again, my head will explode. I hope the Gators make a statement. I think Urby can get them up...
Some idiot came on my TV this morning trying to explain what "Kwanza" is. Well, it's nothing. Just a made up goofy thing. His name was "Kweku Akan" NOT!!! That's not a name for a black man in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Maybe in the Congo or Saudi Arabia or somewhere, but not here. His real name is probably LeRoy Smith. Or maybe Kewku KooKoo Nutsoo IS his name. The coloreds have been enamored with the idea of making up names for their young these days. It's really sad for them. They have to make up holidays and names because they have no HERITAGE. That's partially because of the White men who bought them from their neighbors, and took them out of their homeland and enslaved them. But it's partially because their stone age culture in Dark Africa had no writing, and therefore customs and names could only be remembered through oral traditions, and easily became lost forever. But NOW, if they want to build up a separate racist identity for themselves, they should LIVE their culture, not invent it. Martin Luther KIng Day may be an appropriate and authentic holiday for them, but not this silly Kwanza business. Yes, I did say silly. Because it is. It does a great disservice to them and just holds them up to ridicule. You can't INVENT Heritage. You can't celebrate a great culture if there is none. They struggled for so long for the opportunity to assimilate into the White culture, and when the Whites finally bent over backward to invite them to partake of Western civilization, their leaders start rejecting it and doing all sorts of things to maintain a separate racist identity. Bizzarre, eh? So it goes...
OK, since so many of you have asked, here's my recipe' for Winter Oatmeal:
Hey Granny, What's for Breakfast?
Make One Minute oatmeal as usual, but cut up a banana in it. Add a couple of teaspoons of cocoa mix, a chopped onion (No just kidding), a bit of grape jelly. Top with Maple Syrup to taste and serve.

Monday, December 26, 2005


It's 6:59 p.m., Junior's at work and Patrick is burrowed into his sleeping bag.

Somehow while web surfing I came across this Wikipedia article opener on UF:

University of Florida
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
University of Florida

The University of Florida is a public university located in Gainesville, Florida. It is the fourth-largest university in the United States, with over 48,000 students; it also has the eighth-largest budget (nearly $1.9 billion per year) and is considered one of the top public universities in the United States. UF is also one of the Public Ivies, one of only two in the Deep South.
Noted as the place where Gatorade was created, UF ranks first among public institutions and second among all institutions in the number of National Merit Scholar students enrolled. More members of the U.S. Congress have attended UF than any other university; currently nine alumni serve in the House or Senate.

I didn't realize Florida was the fourth largest University in terms of enrollment...Cool!!



It's 5:58 a.m and Junior's asleep and Patrick has joined him. Third day of the heat wave, It's above freezing and everything is wet and muddy.

Junior took the old man out to dinner yesterday as part of my Xmas present. Roads were slickery as it was snowing. We went to the Chinese Buffet for dinner and went to see "Fun With Dick and Jane" at the multiplex. No room for popcorn after the Chinese Pig-out. We enjoy all of Jim Carey's pictures immensely with the exception of course of "Cable Guy". And Tea Leoni was her usual splendid bit of eye candy, the most under-utilized hottie in Hollyweird...

Today is the legal holiday for Christmas.

What, you don't like my use of "Xmas"--well, let me tell you that "X" stands for the Greek letter "Chi" which is the first letter in the Greek word for Christ. The fish and the "X" are probably the two oldest symbols of Christianity. Both are found on tombstones from the 2nd and third century, Anno Dommini. Yes, I said The Year of our Lord, not "Current Era" or whatever the revisionist historian drones are using these days.


Sunday, December 25, 2005




Saturday, December 24, 2005


It's 7:20 a.m., Junior and Stephen are downstairs playing video games on x-box and the Earthdog is here with me.

Went geocaching with Skyman 329 and Stinky-dog yesterday, visited two of my catches, repaired another and found two new ones in woods in a State Forest. Temp was around 38 degrees, slight breeze, only slight snowcover on the ground, so it was OK conditions. Found both caches easily. Nice little hike in the woods. Patrick enjoyed plowing through snowdrifts!

Had a nice lunch at the new Cafe in Lagro, talked to Curly about early Lagro History ( We knew more than he did).Will upload geocaching in Indiana photos later.


Friday, December 23, 2005


It's 7:25 a.m. and 32 degrees! Junior is asleep on the couch and Stephen is playing video games downstairs, and Pastrick is with them.

Just heard that a Judge in New Mexico has granted a restaining order against New York entertainer David Letterman because an insane woman claims he is stalking her via coded messages on his TV show. She has made the same allegation against other TV personalities. This judge got his 15 minutes of fame defending his actions in a TV interview. OK he got what he wanted--now remove him from office for turning his sacred courtroom into a sick circus. A couple of months in jail ought to do it for this idiot. We hold him in contempt. Our judicial system should not be turned into a farce, especially by members of the court. Letterman's lawyers are attempting to squash the order. I hope this judge is punished. I wonder what his peers think? If I was an MSM reporter, that's who I'd interview...


Thursday, December 22, 2005


It's 9:30 p.m. Junior is at work and Patrick's, of course asleep--what else, here with me.

Well, the #5 Gators defeated Miami in Coral Gables 77-67 in Basketball to set a record for the BEST BB START EVER! It was a thrilling game, I just finished listening to it on the Internet. The game was tied at the half 33-33 and the score see-sawed in the second half. The Gators were down by as much as nine points and up by as much as ten. Miami's best run was 12 and UF's ten. The ten? Well at 2:00 to go in the game, the score was tied at 67-67 --two minutes later, the final buzzer sounded and the Gators had a ten point victory!!

OH MY!!!





It's 7:56 a.m., Patrick crawled into bed with Junior and Glenn is downstairs playing video games.

It used to be that to call someone a traitor was a rare thing. But then, TREASON itself used to be rare. Our last real traitors were Jane Fonda and John F. Kerry, during the Viet Nam war.

Now I've heard Rush and Michael Savage call people Traitors: The MSM members and politicos who are hell-bent on making America look bad in the eyes of the world, and flaming the ashes of the fires of Terrorism around the world. The Prison abuse, the Torture, the waking children up in the middle of the night, the spying on domestic suspects-- It's all DESIGNED to aid and comfort the enemy--they know what they're doing--it's not just to "get a story" or win ratings points. And more and more, the moderate press is calling a spade a spade--or in this case traitors.

The American people are going to get their fill of this crap, pretty quickly I hope and hold these traitors accountable.

On a more personal note regarding the feds "spying" on domstic terrorist suspects. GOOD!! We've never had such a more physically threatening time in our history from sabateurs.

When I was a very young Man, the FBI used to keep tabs on me because of my Extreme Right Wling Associations. When Clearance time came in the Army, I had to explain why I had gone to such and such meetings --they knew, because they had taken down license plate numbers of cars...But I got the clearance. That's the first I knew they were watching, but then again I never did anything that wasn't overt. And when I moved up north, an FBI Agent visited me in my apartment. I was amazed at all he knew about my political activities, and the names of my associates. He sat at my kitchen table with an open brief case in front of him. I was later told by friends that he was taping our converstaion. Well, so was I. I had a friend in another room taping us, and I still have the tape. I finally threw him out when the questions got ridiculous. I'm not sure what his motives were, but he asked me how tall I was. I told him he already knew that from his own observation, or could get it from my Army files. He said he needed that information so they could be sure It was me and not somebody else, if a source ID'd me somewhere. I wouldn't tell him my height and he got indignant and said I was uncooperataive and I threw him out. His name was Agent Ryan, from Boston, I think. A nice guy, doing his job, but not too well, he seemed a lttle bit noobie to me.

Anyway, in those days the feds kept tabs on both right wingers and commies, and apparently their survellance went quite deep, if they could bother to expend manpower on such an insignicant fish as me (really). I didn't mind it at all.

And if they uncovered some group that was going to bomb a church or whatever, good for them. They never hindered me or harrassed me.


Although the activities of certain MSM reporters and U.S. Senators are probably far more harmful to our Global War on Terrorism efforts than anybody else...

Sorry, I didn't force them to betray their country, that's just the way it is.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005


It's 6:24 a.m. Earthdog Patrick's still zonked out in my bed and Junior is snoring in his.

I'm going to Quote the Lone Ranger's Blog this morning--He hits the nail on the head, all nouns and verbs, no nonsense:

Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Domestic Enemies
" I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.''That is the federal oath of office. I've taken it more than once in my long association with the government. It's about time this country declared formal war against our enemies. We haven't had a Congressional declaration of war since WWII. And it is just what we need to put down the treacherous fools in our media, in our government, and in the Democratic Party, who are doing everything they can to undermine our President and to thwart the war on terror. These people don't crouch in front of hidden short wave radios, transmitting secret messages to the enemy, they flaunt their treason on television, where it can be aired on Al-Jazeera and used by the enemy to harm our country. Somebody needs to go to prison.
# posted by Lone Ranger @ 9:29 AM

As The Donald likes to say: That's the real deal!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


It is 5:15 a.m., Junior's out somewhere and Patrick is here with me. It's around 5 degrees out.

Gators Mens' BB is now ranked Number Five, they are 10-0 and average margin of wins is over 29 points!!!

That will change when league play starts, but who knows? Maybe this is the year of the Gator?

Heard Dr. Bruce Lipton on Coast to Coast last night, will check out his website and report.

Almost ready to report to you on my newly developed theoryon America's two Race/Genocide wars... You will not read about this anywhere else on the planet.



Monday, December 19, 2005


Lead Dog at CINCO Meet & Greet

It's 8:54 a.m. and Patrick and Junior are in bed. It's 2.5 degrees out, brrr!!!!

I put up our little artificial Christmas Tree yesterday, and all the other decorations that Bitch-Woman didn't obscond with. Put it up on the upstairs landing, since we do most of our living up here during the winter. Had to go into the attic to get the Xmas stuff, and found one of the dormer windows completely blown open, so had to re-insert it. Also found dead consumed birds and a pile of huge sized dung - -cat or raccoon size, so..???

The Dakota Pickup does GREAT in 4 wheel low negotiating up and down the lane. Juniors Grand Am is parked down by the mail box and I just maneuver around it.Half the battle is having a vehicle high enough off the ground that you don't pack the snow under you.

I see their is a gallon jug of water on the floor, and a jar of olives here on the computer desk, so Junior must have had some weird cravings last night. Maybe he's pregnant?

Here is the recipe for the home made fresh veggie soup that I make for breakfast in the winter:

In a sauce pan, add about 2/3 cup of distilled water, or so, season to taste, turn heat up high..I use the flavor packates out of Marachan noodle soup and lemon pepper seasoning . While it's coming to a boil , add the herbs: Dried Garlic, Orgeno, parsley, etc. Then add the fresh ingredients in this order: chopped onions, one-half chopped tomato, chopped carrots, chopped brockley or cauliflower, canned or fresh mushrooms, two olives, whatever else you like and last, spinich leaves. Bring to boil for about a minute, let stand a minute or so, and eat. Don't overcook the stuff. This is basically the same as my summer breakfast salad, except for the cheese and croutons and salad dressing. ;) The whole operation takes about ten minutes max and is very nutrious!! A good way to add a litttle flavor to the soup is to add a half chopped up hot dog or sal0mie slice... heh, heh!

EARTHDOG PATRICK Update: The wee doggy's head scar is healing very nicely.


Sunday, December 18, 2005


iT'S 9:52 A.M. and Junior and Patrick are in bed.

If something relavent occurs to me , You'll be the first to know.


Saturday, December 17, 2005


It's 5:32 p.m., Junior's at work and Darth Patrick is here wih me.

Just got back in from feeding, watering and de-pooping the Big Dogs. Don't know why, but I got to thinking about a new way at looking at the 20th century in terms of man's struggle against inhumanity.

As a trained historian, the older I get and the more history I live thru, the grander view I am envisioning.

I grew up in the 1950's and 60's, in an era where two superpowers were one button-push away from global Thermonuclear war. We held drills in school practicing "Duck and Cover" (getting under our desks) as if that would protect us against nuclear bombs. We went to movies like Dr. Strangelove , and On The Beach, and Seven Days in May that depicted the end of the world. We read Civil Defense pamplets that told us to wear straw hats to keep radioactive fallout out of our hair. Whe read in magazines what to stock in backyard underground fallout shelters...

When I was in High School, I was in the John Birch Society and Young American for Freedom, among others that were anti-comminist. We considered the world wide struggle against Communism's avowed plan to take over the world, as "World War Three"-- a war for the minds of men. My new view, developed while chopping Siberian Husky dung out of ice goes like this:

The United States of America was in the forefront of leading the world to victory over Fascism in the First Global War. The Global War on Fascism cost America dearly in terms of blood and treasure, and the world neither repaid us or thanked us. It's a good thing we had Presidents like Roosevelt and Truman to lead us. (That's the war in which Hitler murdered six million Jews.) Fascism was defeated and the half of the world they conquered was liberated.

The United States of America was in the forefront of leading the world to victory over Communism in the Second Global War --The Global War on Communism, which cost America dearly in terms of blood and Treasure, and the world neither repaid us or thanked us. It's a good thing we had Presidents like Nixon and Reagon to lead us (That's the War in which Stalin murdered twenty million of my fellow Russians) Communism was defeated and most of the third of the world they had conquered was liberated, or sent on a new path.

The United States of America is now in the forefront of leading the world to victory in the Third Global War--The War on Islamic Terrorism, which is costng us dearly in terms of blood and treasure. It's a good thing we have Presidents like the Bushes to lead us...

What is disheartening is that some of the same fellows that took up the Communist's side in Global War II, are taking up our enemies' position in Global War III also. I guess once a traitor, always a traitor. Hanoi John Kerry is one that comes to mind. I wonder if he regrets that he wasn't around during the Global War on Fascism to take up Hitler's side? Not so far-fetched is it, in light of the glare of history, eh?

Lady Liberty weeps...



It's 7:22 a.m. and Patrick crawled into bed with Junior.

I don't havae anything to say today, so I'll just browse the files until I find a photo I like and upload it.


Friday, December 16, 2005


It's 5:53 a.m. 26 degrees out, Jr. and Patrick are in bed.

wireless internet was out yesterday and this a.m., don't know why, so am on my computer on dial up--30 to 45 seconds between each mouse click and some web pages won't open at all--pretty near worthless-- What would take a half hour on Jr.'s computer would take 8 hours here, because I've measured it in the past, and some might not be able to be done at all...


Wednesday, December 14, 2005


iT'S 7:53, Junior and Patrick are in bed.

They're predicting two to four inches more snow today, so I'm going to shovel the lane to make room for it. Supposed to get up to 32 degrees tho, so we'll see...More later.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


iT'S 5:09 P.M. AND Junior's at work and Patrick is here with me, sleeping as usual.

Junior started a blog yesterday on another blogosphere. the address, for the record is:

He's got a bunch of webcam photos there. I'll have to get him toshow me how to work the webcam, then I'll post pics of me here. come to think of it, I'm not sure there is one here of me, other than the thumbnail...I'll have to fix that.



It's 5:49 a.m. dark out, 21 degrees F. and Junior is at a friends, Patrick has just come inside.

Rebecca Gayheart, one of the hottest women on this planet has wrangled a major part for herself on an upcoming TV movie, in a week or so. We last saw her on EARTH 2. Yeaaaaaa!!!

Many people we have encountered on this world have egos too large to allow them to admit when they are wrong. They will go to any lengths to cover up and weasle out of admitting they are wrong, even to the point of making fools of themselves. I have witnessed this time and time again in the forums.

One day, while cruising along the trails behind three Siberians, Misty in the lead, we came across sled tracks and paw prints that left the trail, and headed down into a wooded ravine. I stopped the team, and backed them up , and pulled Misty off trail, to follow the tracks. I figured somebody may be in trouble nd might need my help. Why? Because it wasn't normal to leave the trail, you could break your sled or injure your dogs or yourself plowing over deep snow that you didn't know what was under it, like rocks and stumps etc. . Awkward sentence , eh? Anyway , we followed the tracks, sort of like offroading with an ATV. The tracks eventually found the trail again. When we got back to camp, I figured it was this one musher who had done it, and he admitted to it--not fast enuff in his brain to just deny it--and when asked why, said he just wanted to do it, it was a short cut. He lied right to my face, and really for no reason. Nobody would blame him or think any less of him if he had told the TRUTH: His leader got spooked or chased something into the woods (deer most likely), and he couldn't stop or control his team. Actually, the rest of us, without the HUGE egoes ,would have made an amusing anecdote of it, with ourselves as the butt of the joke. But he wasn't healthy enuff to do that...

Rebecca's career took a downturn after she killed a jaywalking kid in L.A. When we lived in LA, we quickly learned the hardway that if a pedestrian put a foot in the street, traffic in both directions came to a stop until the pedestrian got out of the road. Real embarrassing the first time you jaywalked....Anyway, Rebecca one day came upon some cars stopped in her lane, and instead of stopping behind them, passed them in the center turn lane, striking the jaywalking kid and killing him. A stupid move. She got her wrist slapped in court and paid for the kid's funeral. But sometimes bad things happen to good people, Rebecca and the kid. They were both wrong. But we thought the job she did in Earth2 (one of our all time favorite TV shows, and not just becaUSe of her) was nothing less than magnificent and look forward to leering at her in her new production.



Monday, December 12, 2005


It's 7:57 a.m. and Patrick and Junior are in bed.

Well, the Colts made it to 13-0, and Gator BB is 9-0 and ranked No. 8---Whoo-Hoo!!

And Gator Football is a two-and-a-half point favorite over Iowa in the Outback Bowl. Hmmmm


Sunday, December 11, 2005


It's 10:32 a.m. and Patrick and Junior are asleep

I've decided since the heathens and witches have decided to ban the word "Christmas" and substitute "Holidays" I am going to hence forward spell it "Holydays"!! That will irritate the hell out of them (No pun intended). Ya-ha-haa.


Saturday, December 10, 2005


It's 7:43 a.m. just getting light out, and Junior anad Patrick are under a mountain of covers.

Junior's parked at the bottom of the lane, and I am snowed in as there are a couple of monstrous drifts over the lane...


Thursday, December 08, 2005


It's 3:45 p.m., snowing likehell and Junior drove his hot rod into town to put it on the computer, and Patrick is here with me being Mr. Grumpy.

Well, now that the dust is settling on the shooting of the mental patient at the airport in Atlanta, the demlibs will surly start playing the blame game. Ultimately they'll decide it's GW's fault I'm sure.

Well, we don't need any focus groups, commisions, hearings, editorials etc. to find out who is at fault, just listen to your common sense: IT'S THE VICTIM'S FAULT! He asked for it! DAMNIT, THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR ACTIONS!

If you want to know how to keep the cops from shooting you when they've got their guns drawn, it's EASY:

It's as easy as that. If they say stop, stop. If they say don't put your hand in the bag, don't put your hand in the bag. If they say put your hands up, put your hands up. If they say get down, get down. Do it, do it when they say it, and don't argue, and you'll live. There will be time to debate later, when they don't consider you a threat. Easy, huh? But don't do it--and die. tough!


It's 7:12 a.m. , one degree out, and Junior and Patrick are snug in bed.

Well , it was minus three degrees outside last night at 1:30 a.m. when Patrick and I picked up Junior from work. The weathermen did NOT predict lows anywhere near this, and today they're predicting 4-8 inches of snow, so who knows? I did load up on dog food and bottled water yesterday in case we are snowed in.They really don't have a clue! Last winter I monitored one of the local TV stations 5-day forecast and the 5th day was an average of 12 degrees off!! (which is significant in my book) So, the long range forecast for these guys is a joke. Of course they get more accurate the shorter the time frame gets, until they get to telling us what the weather is NOW, and by that time they usually get it pretty close, but then again, all we have to do is look out the window...

The Sky Marshalls shot and killed a guy shouting "Bomb!" at Hartsfield yesterday. An interesting way to commit suicide...His wife says he was insane and off his meds...was that an excuse or another reason to shoot him? Anyway Good for the Marshals!!! Good lookin' out, men!

Saddam's trial is outing Ramsey Clark for the America-hating TRAITOR we all knew him to be. It's one thing to defend Saddam, that's OK. After all, our Patriot fathers defended the British soldiers that were tried for the Boston Massacre. But to say what he's saying? Shame, He's saying Bush should be on Trial for War Crimes and that Saddam should be restored to his office.. Not only is he committing high treason, he is an asshole-jerk, as well as a delude moron. Well, enuff name-calling.I hope they don't let him back in the country. Seriously. That's what they did to Charlie Chaplin for being a millionaiare commie, then hypocritically refusing to pay his taxes...

Today's Quiz:

Which American Traitor did the most to harm America's War effort?

1. Benedict Arnold
2. Jane Fonda
3. John Kerry
4. Ramsey Clark

Patrick Update: his head wound is healing fast. I predict by spring his scar will be almost imperceptible. If he had longer hair, it would be invisible...

Hollywood Update: Academy Award Winning Actor Jon Voight, who just got done playing the
Pope on TV, says he is still not reconciled with his Daughter, UN AMBASSADOR and Academy Award-winning Actress, the most beautiful and sensual woman in the world, Angelina Look at my Tits Jolie. She is busy adopting third world babies, and leading actor, the unashamed Brad Pitt, around on a string attached to a ring in his nose. I wish that ring was in MY nose. Apparently the rift was precipitated several years ago when Dad said she was Mental. Maybe that's part of the reason she's so good at portraying whacked out broads in her movies....

And that's what we think.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005


It's 5:33 a.m. Junior's at work/friends and Patrick's wandering around aimlessly.

Ever since 9-11, President Bush has been playing a winning game of Cowboy and Arab. And it's a good thing he is. Had Hanoi Jane Kerry beeen elected I shudder to think where we would be...Smoldering U.S. cities? Maybe.

Anyway, even though I know you don't want to hear the truth, here it is, in all it's bloody glory:

Before the White Race came to the New World, the North American "indians" were a STONE AGE CULTURE. They did not have the wheel. Their tools consisted of spears with sharpened rock points and stone axes.Their cultures featured two career options for men: Hunter/Soldier or Shamen/Medicine man. period. They were basically hunter gatherers with only rudimentary agriculture. They wore animal skins and painted their bodies with red paint (hence the term "Redskin"). There were no horses on the continet, and they had no domesticated animals, save the dog. They had no written language. So, basically, these stone age people were tens of thousands of years behind Europe and Asia in terms of the evolution of civilization. They were on a par with darkest Africa. They engaged in perpetual warfare with their neighbors in a land abundant with natural resources with plenty of room for expansion. Their version of war consisted of not just killing, but ritualized Torturing, raping and/ or kidnapping their enemies. Now THAT's the truth.

Revisionist "historians", and as a trained historian myself I use the term with loathing (They should be called novelists) have insisted for at least forty years now that the North American Indians were far more civilized than the White Man, in that they were each and every one of them self-actualized Philosopher-Kings in direct contact with the harmony of the Universe. Balderdash!! I even had one idiot professor at South Florida in the seventies who claimed (I think I've mentioned this to you before) that the Indian's language precluded telling untruths. Talk about the height of delusionary propaganda! If their language include words for "Yes" and "No" , they could lie. They did NOT invent Democracy, as these Yahoos will tell you.

The reason we had to play Cowboy and Indian, is that these people refused to go along with the program of CIVILIZATION. They burned our cabins, scalped us, raped and kidnapped our women, and generally made life on the frontier scary. And they NEVER got it. Not from the beginning, not until they were pretty well wiped out in the 1880's. We killed them with disease, we herded them onto reservations, we killed off their food supplies, They never got it, until they pretty much ceased to exist. Their leaders helped us in exchange for government housing and pensions.They asked for it, and they got it. No regrets. They had their chance to join us in making the greatest and nobelist Civilization of Human Freedom on Earth, and they blew it by clinging to their bloodthirsty savage culture.

Now, the Islamic Terrorists are messing with us. Hopefully we will not have to exterminate them as we did the North American Indians. I don't have any problem with that. They are a much more formidible enemy, considering they possess modern weapons.

Are the arabs sub-human throwbacks, lower on the evolutionary scale, like the Indians and cannibles in Darkest Africa? I wonder.

Anyway, the fools and traitors among us that are counseling a cut and run policy, and are pointing out every little fault with our war on Terrorism to make us look bad on the World Stage, are a dangerous faction, and need to be outed for the traitors they are. And this includes not only our government traitors but our MSM traitors.

AND If the day comes that we are forced to play Cowboys and Persians, we can do that too. But only if the American Resolve holds.

Add that's the way it is. It's not about land, it's not about oil, it never was. It's about CIVILIZATION vs. SAVAGRY


Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I was going to do a blog that would extract quotes from blogspot bloggers about Sen. John Kerry's treason, so I searched " kerry traitor" but I got 976 hits! So it's too daunting of a project for now. Why is he repeating his treason? Why? He is calling American troops in Iraq terrorists and baby killers, just like he did the troops in Vietnam. Is he insane? Maybe i'll do a "Kerry insane" search...



iT'S 1:06 P.M. Junior and Patrick are in bed.

From :

December 5, 2005 -- Heeeere's Johnny! Yesterday, on CBS News' Face the Nation, former presidential candidate John Kerry (D-Hanoi) reaffirmed the high regard in which he has always held American troops:

"And there is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the-of-the historical customs, religious customs." [see the transcript, starting at the bottom of page 4]

Sounds like Kerry is having another involuntary Christmas in Cambodia flashback. Our recommended treatment:

1) put on your lucky CIA infiltrator hat
2) point your finger around the room while saying "Pow! Pow!"
3) make helicopter noises with your lips.

More seriously, isn't 35 years of slandering U.S. troops enough?


He sickens us. But if you think about it, why would people in Mass. vote for a guy like this? THERE is the real sickness....Oh, sorry, that's D-Hanoi, not D-Mass. Nevermind.

From Important Stuff...or Not blog:

John McCain Finally Makes Sense

"When we left Vietnam, they didn't come after us. If we leave Iraq, they'll come after us."

Just proof that a broken clock is right twice a day. But more importantly, liberals should heed this warning.When we abandoned Vietnam, there were no consequences for us. While millions were being starved, tortured, imprisoned and murdered in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, John Kerry was free to seduce wealthy widows, Ted Kennedy was free to booze it up and romp with women not his wife, and the anti-war protesters were free to smoke their dope and become tenured professors on college campuses.

And who cared about a bunch of yellow-skinned people on the other side of the world?

But if we abandon the people of Iraq, not only will we forever lose our reputation as the world's only champions of freedom, the terrorists will follow us home and simply continue the war on our own soil.

It won't be so easy then for liberals to turn a blind eye to human suffering. It will not only be brown-skinned people on the other side of the world, but WE who will suffer. Well, maybe Kerry and Kennedy won't....

# posted by Lone Ranger



It's 6:13 a.m. 4 degrees out and Junior is on his computer and Patrick is wandering around wondering where to sleep.

Ramsey Clark is a traitor.

I'm on the dial-up computer, so this will probably read very slow. Junior and I played Star Wars Trivia last night, and of course, he won. One of the questions was about a RUMOUR about what happened in a deleted scene never published... Yikes!


Monday, December 05, 2005


It's 6:03 a.m. Patrick's been out and has crawled into bed with Junior. It's 11 degrees out, cold enough that I had to warm Patrick's brass snap on his chain with my fingers to get it to open, an old mushser trick.

When Junior was growing up we lived in this Idyllic neighborshood called Indian Village. It was an older tree lined, cobblestone road paraaaadise of colonial style houses for the lower middle class. While we didn't have the best house in the subdivision by any measure, we had the highest elevation and the second biggest lot, which meant a relatively, for a city, large fenced in back yard. The addtion was isolated from urban blight because no other lesser deteriorating neighborhood bordered on it. It's perimeter was guarded by schools, cemetery, armory, housing project, river, etc. so that it was protected as if by a moat. Everybody took extreme care in making sure their property was kept up. There was a small park and an elementary school inside. If we'd just had a Wal*Mart, we would never had to leave. Anyway Junior had a dog and a Stay at home Mom, but his Dad was on the road a lot.

So every year, the neighborhood association would put on a Fourth of July bike parade for the kids. A firetruck wold lead the kids on this little parade to the Elementary school grounds where a big picnic was held.. All the kids would decorate their bikes with red white and blue crepe paper and what not. So one year we decorated Junior's Bike and I thought we did a pretty good job. His bike was better, in my opinion than many others there. But there were some spectacular decoration jobs that were obviously more creative than Junior's. So when the judging came, for best decorating in various categories, a curious thing happened. A lot of the winner's bikes, were not nearly as good as some of the losers. Of course, that's just my opinion. But when one particularly scantily and sloppily decorated bike won in a category, I knew something was not right. So I investigated as to just WHO the winners were. And you know what? Every winner, to a man(or I should say child) was the son or daughter of one of the neighborhood association officers. They didn't even allow a token non-officer kid to win anything, that's how blatent they were. Perhaps they thought that was their pay for their hard work in putting on the event. Keep the masses happy with bread and circuses, but we'll keep the spoils for ourselves. So democracy has it's petty tyrants even on the lowest most insignificant levels.... But you knew that if you've ever been involved in a club, fraternal organization of the federal governent...

Rant, rant, rant, is that all you can do in this blog? Can't you say any happy things? Yeah, I didn't die yesterday. heh,heh.


Sunday, December 04, 2005


It's 6:12 p.m., Junior's at work, and Patrick is as usual snoozing.

Wireless has been down all day, and dial up has been too slow, for anything but email. Got a rare chance to root for the girls last nite, and, unranked, they bitch slapped Va. Tech (#5) all over the place to win the ACC and go to the Orange Bowl. That means maybe we will get the Peach against the hokies? I'd like that, we'd lose big, but I'd like another chance at Spurriers Cocks, too in the Independence. Anyway, we should get the Peach, not USC, as we are better than they are. The Gators are always the highest ranked team with their number of losses. Now we stay at, 16 and 18, the highest ranked team with three losses. (Alabama, LSU, and Spurrier)

Went to a meet and greet of Cinco Geo yesterday and ate fried Okra. That is all.

Goecaching gossip: This is for the record. GB gives a GPSr away at his event: Bet SNB or IGJ wins it!!

uPDATE: 8:15 p.M. All 28 bowls are set! GAtors got the OUTBACK Bowl, in Tampa, a Jan. 2nd Bowl, much better than I thought we were going to do! Against Iowa, 7-4, Big Ten, and ranked 25, (Pre season number 10). Ought to be a good game. OUtback pays out 2.75 mil per school, that's half a mil better than Peach, and guess what? South Carolina relegated to Independence at a paltry 1.2 mil-hee hee- (but I bet they are elated, given their recent history.) OK so, we wait til next year to meet Spurrier the Traitor in the Swamp!



Friday, December 02, 2005


It's 7:26 a.m. and Patrick has climbed back into bed with Junior. 15 degrees.

The 1,00oth criminal has been put to death since the death penalty was reinstated in the US. Very good.

Photo is "Bandit", one of our rescue boys.


Thursday, December 01, 2005


It's 6:34 a.m. and Patrick and Junior are asleep together.

Well, our Indiana Spirit Quest series of Geocaches has just had number 400 published and the 10,000th find has been logged. I didn't hear it on the Today show. I heard about how many soldiers killed in the War, but not how many Iraqi babies bombed so far or how many babies murdered in America by their loving mommies, or how many babies killed in car accidents on the MSM, or how many hostages have been beheaded by the islamic maniacs --Is the MSM keeping track of those numbers?


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