Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Brendon, this is Rick: (long read)

Your mother has known for a while that she needed to upgrade her Corolla. Door handles keep rotting and bEAking off. motor in drviers side window no longer works, little things, then the other day her air cond. leak got bigger, won't hold a charge longer than a day (we had been charging it monthly. anyway, she decided she wanted a newer vehichle. So your mother panics, can't have a car without AIR.

Rightly or wrongly I've been indoctrinating her on the cult and lifestyle of JEEP. (We have our own secret road greeting, our sayings "It's a Jeep thing--you wouldn't understand", and of course the secret handshake--OK so we don't really have that.) Anyway, just for the fun of it some of my selling points:

You get to join a a unique subset of the culture, like birdwatchers, kayakers or math professors except the bond is stronger.

You drive a FUN vehicle.

You never get stuck in sand or mud.

You sit upright, so less fatigue on back and less drowsiness. yOU ARE UP HIGHER, BETTER VISION

The Jeeps hold their value.

As long as you keep it shiny, nobody knows if it's new or ten years old.

Jeeps know no economic bounds. There is no statement as to your net worth as there is in a Rolls or a '85 pinto. Donald Trump could drive up in a jeep, or a homeless junkie. A Jeeps a Jeep.

People who drive Jeeps have FUN in their Jeeps.

A newer car makes you feel good. (That goes with any car.)

Easier to transport palm trees in a jeep than a corolla, especially really tall ones.

moRE SOLID VEHICLE, more power than corolla. (6cyl)


There are a few downs sides: lower gas mileage, not quite as smooth a ride, higher center of gravity makes it easier for cows to tip you over..etc.

Anyway I've been pointing out jeeps to her and saying"Look! There's people having FUN IN A JEEP!"

( some asshole in a Jeep with diamond plate covering up his rust, with top down and doors off came rolling down CR 95 yesterday doing a left turn at about 35, didn't roll it tho...)

So with her air out, last night your darling mother went and bought a Jeep.I'm not saying she got a great deal, but I don't think she got screwed too bad either. we did some comparison shopping.

It's a gently used 2008 Wrangler with special yucky paint color, AC AT (her must-haves) 4x4 2door, slightly oversized Goodyear tires, 20,000 miles, CD changer, soft top, chrome package (door hanhandles, grill, rear views, running boards, etc. alum wheels so kind of loaded for a Wrangler.

so far she likes it.

we are accentuating the positives in our lives not the negatives, (like her facial pain and the fact that her son didn't amount to much, in terms of being a greeter at Wal-Mart...Oh wait, he's an ATC????)

hER LIFE STYLE HAS CHANGED IN THE LAST YEAR. oops. She does more outdoor activities, hauls garden supplies, yadda yadda and so maybe this will be a good fit for us.

She is going from having the worst looking vehichle in the parking lot to the best, or one of the best, and that affects your positive attitude and happiness factor, and she needs that..

She owns the car. I am helping her with half the monthly payments. she put down a thousand. It was not cheap, but it's damned near like new even tho it's almost three years old.

So, we need to decide which windshield decal to get:




Iinstalled my Florida Gators spair tire cover on it. so now we peruse the catalogues toput cool add ons: Wire lamp guards, machine gun mount etc.

wait a minute, i'll attach some pics.


go gatuh



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