Monday, March 15, 2010


It is 6:10 a.m. and dark on the Court. Rosie and Sadie are alseep in the bedroom, Zippy is in his crate, kitties here with me. 55 here in Palm Harbor, 39 in Indiana.

went to a civil war battle reenactment with Rosie yesterday at Crystal River, and graved in two cemeteries; Strawberry Festival in Plant City Saturday.

Geocache page from June 5, 2004:

As we write up this cache page, it has come over the Radio that President Ronald Reagon has died. We dedicate this cache to that great Leader of the Free World who presided over the defeat of the Evil Empire of Communism. God Rest his soul!

The “Reservoir Dogs” series of caches will take you to a carefully selected group of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Reservoirs on various rivers in Indiana. Each one been hidden with the aid of a different one of the SixDogTeam’s canine members and you are encouraged to bring your canine companion along with you to search for these caches .If you do, why not post a picture of him/her with your log!

”National Trails Day 2004”

This is a story about a varmit that stuck his nose in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time.

Patrick woke me up at 0430 this morning jumping up and down on the Bed and barking like a lunatic. From outside the window I could hear a chorus of ten Siberian huskies and two wolf dogs raising cain, barking, yipping, woo-wooing to beat the band. I listened for a second, and since there was no pain squeeling I knew it wasn’t a dog fight. It wasn’t a human intruder, because then they HOWL like banshees. So that left just two possibilities: Either one of them got out and the others were jealous, or there was an animal in the Dog Yard. I hastily got dressed, grabbed the .357 Magnum and headed out to the Kennels—-All the dogs were on top of their houses barking and looking in the same direction—-At Gunner and Kea, who were leaping up and down at a Procyon Lotor (Mr. Racoon) who was precariously perched on top of the Field Fence wire, holding on for dear life, swaying back and forth, and trying to nip Gunners’s nose. To get to Gunner’s enclosure I had to go through Nick, Buck and Denali’s enclosure, and so of course they all squeezed through the gate with me, so I now had five Siberians worrying this idiot masked invader. I had picked up a rake on the way, and tried to push him back off the fence, but this little carnivore (I say little, but he was huge for his species, much bigger than Patrick) was hanging on for dear life with all four paws, and so he sealed his fate. We did it the hard way—-for him. In an instant he was no longer with us. So it goes.

So now we were thoroughly awake, and back in the house, while sipping our morning green tea, the guy on the radio says it’s

National Trails Day

Oops!! We MUST get out on the trails today, for sure—and we may as well hide a geocache, why not? So this one is off of a short little path, that diverges from the Mountain Bike Trail at Huntington Reservoir—It’s a gorgeous walk, and if you park at the Model Airplane Airport, it could be up to a three mile round trip, but well worth it. Patrick helped me place this cache, and please make sure the lid is on tightly—press down on all four corners. Only the last few yards are Bushwacking to a splendid view of the Lake. There may be shorter ways to get to it, but that’s up to you. Do NOT climb down the cliff. Cache On!!UPDATE, APRIL '05: CACHE IS NOW A PLASTIC JAR AND SLIGHTLY RELOCATED, EASIER TO FIND NOW

In the movie "Back To The Future", Doc Brown asks who is President in 1985, and when Marty tells him, he exclaims "Ronald Reagon! The actor? Who's Vice President, Jerry Lewis?" President Reagon loved this scene and asked that it be played over when he saw the movie... Lead Dog had the honor to attend one of his Re-Election Night Balls in Los Angeles at the Century Plaza Hotel on Nov. 6, 1984, which he and Nancy atended. We consider him one of the greatest Presidents this Republic has produced. God Bless America!

. Cache is a black plastic container with red top. Soak yourself in 150% DEET. Do not touch the poison ivy, it’s our protected State Weed. In Indiana, you can pick up Indian relics off the ground, like arrowheads, but it’s against the law to dig for them. Do not stick parts of your body onto the raspberry thorns, they are our state sticker bush. Do not put anything you find on the ground into your mouth. Do not drink standing swamp water …Jeeps do not float for very long, especially in first gear. Sign the log in any language of your choice but not Icelandic. In summer, clothes are optional, BUT: No shirt, No shoes, No cache! Them’s the rules!


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