Monday, February 08, 2010

I'M OFFICIALLY A CRETIN ( Dog vs. Village Idiot)


"The winner of the First decade 2001-2010 of the 21st century Darwin Award is:The American People for electing as President a known Anti-American foreign-born- and- raised Marxist Muslim extremist with virtually NO business or governmental experience."

I'D SAY FOR A LITTLE WHITE DOG, HE'S PRETTY ASTUTE. All those statements are facts.

O'BAMA displays his disdain for America virtually every day, from not wearing the Flag pin, to not crossing his heart at the Anthem, to bowing and scraping to foreign kings, and apologizing for us at every opportunity. His wife summed it up best when she said she was never proud of her country until it elected HIM.

Foreign born? Well we don't really know since he refuses to produce a Certificate of Live Birth. That leads to the logical conclusion that either it doesn't exist or that it contains information damaging to him--to the uninterested observer the cover up leads to the conclusion he was born in Africa of the Philippines or somewhere...

He was raised in the Philippines by a Muslim Father.

Is he a Marxist? Well, yeah. Look at what he proposes.

Does he have any business experience:? No. National governmental experience? Yeah six months as a Senator.

Really, really thin resume.

He's a community organizer and a lawyer and a professor.

So anyway, SIX PEOPLE POST A "LIKES THIS" TO THAT STATEMENT, but a high school classmate OF MINE posts to Patrick's Facebook the following (I think he's a lawyer and he IS an atheist, and is hosting a democrat congressional candidate's get together-- his facebook profile is thin, too, tho.) He says, with my comments in red ( I assume he is talking to me, not Patrick):

Mr. Brownspot: If your mentality (HE'S THE SIMPLETON, NOT ME) runs the country, I pity the poor rational( I'M IRRATIONAL? I THINK NOT.), hard-working ( I WORKED HARD) good( I'M BETTER THAN A LAWYER, AREN'T WE ALL? EXCEPT THE USED CAR SALESMEN) Americans, like Barack Obama, (WE DON'T KNOW IF HE'S AN AMERICAN OR NOT) who are trying their damnest[sic] to make this a better country, in spite of the obstreperous, (HAD TO LOOK THAT ONE UP, I'M JUST A POOR RATIONAL HARDWORKING AMERICAN--IT MEANS "noisily and stubbornly defiant"--OK, I'LL COP TO THAT.)bloviating, (I HAD TO LOOK THAT UP TOO, "to speak pompously and excessively" or "to expound ridiculously".OK, MAYBE I DESERVE THAT) atavistic, (WELL, I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND THE DEFINITION OF THAT ONE, BUT I THINK HE'S CALLING ME A CAVEMAN--IT'S ALL JUST MEAN-SPIRITED NAME CALLING ON HIS PART)selfish (YOU DON'T KNOW ME--THAT'S A LIE) shortsighted (ACTUALLY AS A TRAINED HISTORIAN I HAVE A GREAT HISTORICAL OVERVIEW OF WHAT'S GOING ON )and cretinistic types like you. (MORE NAME CALLING) George Bush did more to destr...oy this country than any President I've ever seen. (THAT DOESN'T JIVE WITH HISTORY, IT'S A RIDICULOUS PARTISAN STATEMENT)Obama faces a Herculean job in trying to clean up the mess Bush left us with.(YOUR OPINION, OK) Certainly no Republican has any creative ideas to resolve the crises that face us.( STUPID STATEMENT OF HYPERBOLE) In fact, all they do is obstruct the President at every turn, (YES, FOR ONCE YOU'RE RIGHT, THANK GOD THEY DO!) caring not for their country,(ANOTHER LIE) but for their maniacal lust for power.(ARE YOU MAKING THIS UP AS YOU GO ALONG? LOOK INWARD) I care too much for this country( IF YOU DO, YOU'RE EFFORTS ARE HAVING AN EFFECT THAT YOU CAN'T EVEN DREAM OF IN DESTROYING HER) to not fight for a better tomorrow, ( I LIKE BETTER TOMORROWS)not the simplistic, ( SOME THINGS ARE BLACK AND WHITE AND SIMPLE--PATRIOTISM AND TREASON COME TO MIND.)unthinking,( DRINK THE KOOL ADE AND DON'T BOTHER TO THINK, LIBERAL) me first kind (IF YOU MEAN AMERICA FIRST, YES!) that you espouse. That, clearly, would lead us back to the problems which Pres. Obama is trying to resolve.(AND WHAT "PROBLEMS" WOULD THOSE BE? FREE ENTERPRISE, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, PATRIOTISM, FAMILY VALUES, FREEDOM OF WORSHIP, LIMITED GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE IN OUR LIVES...?)


go gatuh!


At Tue Feb 09, 09:58:00 AM 2010, Blogger Mark said...

I often place my blogposts as notes on my Facebook page.

I have a Doctor, College professor Nephew who will no doubt leave a similar comment on the note (same as my blogpost)I published today.

On one of his recent posts, he wholeheartedly approved of the "green police" Superbowl ad. I don't have the words to express my outrage at that one, so I haven't commented. Yet.

At Tue Feb 09, 10:22:00 AM 2010, Blogger Trader Rick said...



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