Tuesday, November 03, 2009


It is 6:52 and Rosie is up, Sadie and Ben out back, Darcy and Bing running around. It is 63 in Palm Harbor and 33 in Fort Wayne, a thirty degree difference...


From another Gator:

Subject: Tebow

Charlie Abbott, a close friend of mine, shared this with me and it needs to be passed on---

Posted: Today 12:42 AM
Tebow ,the person ,(from a bulldog) (1 vote)

I am a lifelong Mississippi State fan and have no strong feelings negative or otherwise towards Florida .

However, a dear friend of my wife had an encounter with your quarterback Saturday morning.

She has what could very easily be a terminal brain tumor. She is leaning on her faith in the Lord to get her through this and no matter the outcome, she is being extremely positive. She is only 26 and is having to deal with her own mortality. I can't imagine it is easy.

Anyways, she has a live journal documenting her treatment and everything involved. She has a list of famous people she would like to meet or talk to before she dies. These include Oprah, Rick and Bubba, and of course Tim Tebow.

She is from nearby Columbus , MS and noticed a bunch of charter buses outside the hotel in town. She thought she would go in and just see if that was the Gator team. Turns out it was, and she ran into their strength and conditioning coach in the lobby.

She explained her situation to the coach and even took off her hat to prove it. She said all she wanted to do was meet Tim. The coach said 'give me five minutes.' Five minutes later, she was ushered to a small conference room. When she opened the door, there was college football's golden boy Tim Tebow.

Tim was very glad to meet her. He spent a good fifteen minutes talking to her about her treatment and her faith in God. I believe he even took a picture with her.

I say all of this because in this day and age it is amazing that a Heisman Trophy winner, with two national titles and another possible one on the way, took time on game day to share a moment with a dear friend of ours who is dealing with a terrible illness. That is amazing.

You guys have a great team. A great coach and great players everywhere.

Your qb is phenomenal and if at all possible this goes to further prove that he is an even better person.

Gators, you have a good one and I just wanted to share that with you and let you know how much it meant to our dear friend.

Take care and God bless.

love all, worship one Eugene G Peek III


I am a retired Consulting Engineer. I live in a ramshackle 1910 brick Foursquare farmhouse way out in the country in the Wabash River Valley in Indiana (Nearest town is Bippus). I drive an old Dakota Sport Club Cab 4x4. Among the animals on the property are my grown son, (Junior); a bodacious and famous Jack Russell Terrier (Patrick E. Brownspot); a wooley blue-eyed Wolf Hybrid (32% Canis Lupis Arctos--Lokita), and five Siberian Huskies (Denali,Gunner,Misty,Redbone,Mickey-MoJo, MacKenzie, and Bandit) and one bob tailed seal-point garage kitty (SnowBall). We are home to numerous varieties of birds including barn swallows, Humming birds, Turkey Vultures, and a nesting pair of Sparrow Hawks, as well as a variety of varmits including bunnies, field mice and voles, humongous coons, too many possums to count, Bats, groundhogs and the occasional white tailed deer herd passing thru. No squirrels, they know better.

We like hot salty greasy food, Ice-cold Pale Ale, and confident happily adjusted women.

I am a Christian Man (Methodist); Vietnam Veteran (HHC 212th Combat Aviation Bn., 1st Aviation Bde., Marble Mountain Air Facility, Da Nang RVN 1970-71); retired Musher (HAW Sled Dog Club); 10th-in-the-World-Ranked-in-Hides Geocacher (See SixDogTeam or Earthdog Patrick); Philatelic Cachet-maker; Life Member of the VFW, Member of the Gator Nation (Class of '69, TKE); NRA Member, and a proud participant for forty five years now of the Vast Right Wing conspiracy (God Bless America and our troops fighting Jihadistan).D

Today is day One. remember it, Trader Rick. FFF.



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